7x Lucky 7s Slots

Winning the jackpot is certain but not for every player, although every player has a chance. The jackpot must be won by $25000, and players can see the value rising with every real money bet placed in the game. There are three reels in this game of luck and rewards with just one payline. Players can place up to three coins bet per spin and enjoy winning payouts for lining up three of the same symbols.

Instant Payouts and Huge Multipliers

The 7x symbol is the most important symbol in the game and sits with blue, purple, and red sevens and a cherry symbol. The highest payouts are rewarded if three of the luck 7x symbols appear on the payline. With a single coin bet, players win 2500 coins, and a two-coin bet awards the player with 5000 coins, and a three-coin bet awards the player with 7500 coins. The lucky 7x symbol is also a multiplier when appearing on the payline, giving players a multiplying factor of 7x if one occurs. With two of these symbols on the payline, the winnings are multiplied 49x. For a simple game, 7x Lucky 7x Slots gives players plenty of huge payouts and rewards.