A Look at Comp Points and What They Offer

If you’ve visited a few online casinos you’ll undoubtedly have come across something called comp points. Some casinos have different names for them but they’re essentially a method of cash-back.

Let’s take a look at them now so you can see what they offer.

When do you get comp points?

Normally you’ll receive them when you wager a certain amount of money on games. The exact amount varies and will probably change according to the website you’re at.

What are comp points worth?

This can also vary, but one site we visited gave away a single comp point every time a player made $10 in bets. Once the number of comp points accumulated reached 100, the site gave the player one dollar.

As you can see you need to accumulate a fair number of comp points before you get any cash-back. However if you play regularly at one particular site they can rack up faster than you might think.

Why do casinos offer comp points?

The reasoning is that they’ll use a number of methods to ensure their players remain loyal to their site. This is why you’ll also see a number of bonuses and free money offers when you join, and also at regular intervals afterwards.

The comp points are however not limited in the same way introductory bonuses and other deals are. They last indefinitely and continue to accrue for as long as you make bets on the site.

Do the rules differ between sites as well?

Yes. Always check the rules for the comp points if a particular online casino offers them. This will ensure you understand how and when they are granted and how much they are worth.

Each site will also provide instructions on how to cash in your points when you have enough to do so.

Are they the main reason you should choose a particular site?

Comp points are a great additional feature but we don’t think they’re the most important thing to think about when you decide which online casino to join. They’re just an added extra that can be nice to know about, but you should always focus on the initial bonuses you get for joining, not to mention other key features of a site.

So why not take a look and see whether your chosen casinos are offering comp points to see where they could get you?