St Patrick's Day is held every year on the 17th March, since the 17th century. The date is an Irish national holiday, celebrated all over the world. St Patrick is the foremost patron saint of Ireland, and a tradition celebration. The date commemorates the death of this much loved saint, and the feast celebrates Irish culture and traditions. On this special feast day, Irish people and friends of the Irish dress up in green coloured clothes and costumes reminiscent of the occasion. Children indulge in games and sweets, while adults hope down to the local pub for a pint of traditional Guinness, Kilkenny beer, Jamison Whiskey or Bailey’s. Pubs and bars are alive with music, dancing and making merry. The Shamrock is the Irish national plant, and is to be seen everywhere on this special feast day. The shamrock signifies the leaf of the clover plant and is a symbol of the Holy Trinity. St Patrick’s Day is also a special day for gamblers the works over. On this special day, the luck of the Irish is with any gambler who wagers on the day. Online casinos are chock a block full of special offers, dedicated bonuses and Irish themed slots.

Irish-Themed Slots: The Green Shamrock

Since the 17th March brings with it the luck of the Irish, how better to enjoy that luck than on an Irish themed slot. There are so many good titles out there covered in green shamrocks! Leprechauns abound, dealing their luck out to those brave and daring players. Since the gold rush in the 19th century, the expression ‘the luck of the Irish’ has been an apt phrase to describe the Irish, despite it originally referring to mining. On this special day, all the positive attributes of the Irish are brought to the forefront. The same goes for the games on offer. There are so many high quality slots these days with an Irish theme of some sort or other. In recent years, most of the slot game developers have issued a slot or two with an Irish theme of sorts. These themes could be leprechaun based, full of green symbolism and, of course the shamrock, which all combine to create that unmissable and unmistakable atmosphere that emanates from Irish themed. There is so much Irish mythology that can be used as a basis for a slot game. So treat yourself this 17th Match to an Irish themed slot to commemorate St Patrick’s day and bring yourself that elusive Irish luck.


Irish Bonuses & Leprechauns

Luck alone is insufficient to win consistently. What can help to achieve a decent payout are bonuses that add real value. To celebrate St Patrick’s day, there are sure to be special, dedicated bonuses to commemorate and celebrate the feast of St Patrick. There may we’ll be special welcome packages, especially connected to Irish themed slots for the day. Some online casinos have generous St Patrick’s day deposit bonuses, with high percentage returns. Furthermore, other casinos offer ReLoad bonuses on that special day. Expect to find all manners of bonuses on the day, connected to the beautiful Irish feast. With the day filled with luck, expectations will be high for a lucrative and lucky Irish winning payout. High Roller bonuses are expected to be lucrative and enticing, with the luck of this special day attached to the game. There are rumoured to be special ‘green’ bonuses for players dressed in green, or those wearing a shamrock, so turning Irish for the day could actually pay off!

Tournaments, Irish Style, Irish Luck

Participating in a tournament can be an exciting event, especially an Irish tournament, where the fun never relents or stops. There are set to be several dedicated tournaments on the day, commemorating the feast of St Patrick’s. All tournament types will run with special high roller, mid roller tournaments, which could be free to enter, or a small entrance fee may be required. Both types offer a chance of having your name up on that leader board, to share on the pot of a tournament, provided players are still standing at the end! Nevertheless, these elaborate and immersive tournaments create much excitement and exceptional chances to win. The fact that this special day will bring forth Irish themed tournaments is a welcome chance and pleasant experience.

TournamentGameStarts InEnds InEntryPrize PoolPlay at
Daily Play For The PotVegas Partynow1 hour$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
One Penny For Your SlotsLucky Beansnow2 hours$0.01$125Play Now
The Most Wanted FreerollBirds Of Paradisenow2 hoursFree$100Play Now
Daily Free Roll 30Yakuzanow2 hoursFree$100Play Now
Bi-Weekly 8Kate's Waddlenow2 hours$5$500Play Now
Daily Pot - Vegas PartyVegas Partynow2 hours$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
Daily Free Spins - Triple 10X WildTriple 10X Wildnow2 hoursFree$100Play Now
Game Of The Day - Fat CatFat Catnow2 hoursFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Top Five WinDown The Drainnow2 hours$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
Blackjack ChallengeVegas Strip Blackjacknow2 hoursFreePot PercentagePlay Now
King And IDolphin Kingnow2 hours$5$1,500Play Now
Daily NickelCoyote Cashnow2 hours$0.04$25Play Now
Extreme Weekendnow2 hours$0.50$150Play Now
Daily KenoKenonow6 hoursFreePot PercentagePlay Now
VIP Weekly GiveawayTriple Twisternow6 hoursFree$250Play Now
Daily KenoKenonow6 hoursFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Daily Free SpinsTriple 10X Wildnow6 hoursFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Daily Free SpinsTriple 10X Wildnow6 hoursFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Game Of The DayFat Catnow7 hoursFree$30Play Now
Game Of The DayFat Catnow7 hoursFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Daily Play For The PotVegas Partynow8 hoursFree$160.48Play Now
Daily Play For The PotVegas Partynow8 hoursFree$15Play Now
Top Five WinDown The Drainnow9 hoursFree$2,512.49Play Now
Top Five WinDown The Drainnow9 hoursFree$2,272.49Play Now
Blackjack ChallengeVegas Strip Blackjacknow9 hoursFree$252Play Now
The King And IDolphin Kingnow9 hoursFree$1,500Play Now
Blackjack ChallengeVegas Strip Blackjacknow9 hoursFree$244.50Play Now
The King And IDolphin Kingnow9 hoursFree$1,500Play Now
Mr Sloto Daily 100 FreerollPay Dirtnow14 hoursFree$100Play Now
YES Its FRIDAYLoose Caboosenow22 hoursFree$250Play Now
Daily Play For The PotSolomon's Mines1 hour1 day$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
$15,000 Bankroll Booster TournamentCleopatra's Pyramid 2now1 day$4.99$3,000Play Now
$15,000 Bankroll Booster TournamentCash Cownow1 day$3$500Play Now
$15,000 Bankroll Booster TournamentLucky Irishnow1 dayFree$200Play Now
The Most Wanted FreerollDolphin King2 hours1 dayFree$100Play Now
$10,000 Monster Pop Monthly TournamentMonster Popnow1 day$5$10,000Play Now
Weekly Slots 5Time Bendernow1 day$5$1,500Play Now
VIP Black JackPerfect Pair Blackjacknow1 day$25$1,500Play Now
Deuces WildDeuces Wildnow1 day$25$1,500Play Now
Daily Pot - Solomon's MinesSolomon's Mines2 hours1 day$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
Daily Free Spins - Liberty 7sLiberty 7s2 hours1 dayFree$100Play Now
Game Of The Day - Doctor LoveDoctor Love2 hours1 dayFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Daily KenoKenonow1 dayFree$100Play Now
Weekly WinnerTailgate Blitznow1 day$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
Big Gold WeekendCash Caboosenow1 day$3Pot PercentagePlay Now

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