Tournaments at Lincoln Casino

If you want to participate in regular online casino tournaments, Lincoln Casino is one of the best places to do so. They always have tourneys ready to enter, with many more coming soon too.

That said, you shouldn't get started until you know more about the events and how they can be found. There is a tournament option in the main menu which takes you through to the appropriate page. That's where you can learn more about current and upcoming events.

Choose how you want to view the tournaments

They are ordered by default, but you can change them according to name, game, fees, and status among other things. You might have a preference, or the default might be fine. Point is, you can figure out what works best for you, and alter it with a click or tap.

Choose which tournaments you would like to see

As the tournaments page loads, you'll see everything is included in view. However, you can opt to uncheck some of the boxes to deselect certain tourneys.

We always recommend free rolls to get started with, as these do not require an entry fee. This is one of the options you can look at when you explore the available tournaments to enter. There could be rebuy fees though, so do be aware of that.

Check out the start and end times and dates

You may find a tournament has started already and isn't worth entering because it may not have long left to run. For example, we researched this article on May 20th. One event had been running since May 1st and was due to end on the last day of the month.

Since that event was already two-thirds through, it wasn't worth joining in. So, we found other potential events to sign up for instead.

Look at the prize purse

This is highlighted under the info screen (you can choose to see info, fees, and the leaders as desired). Other important information is highlighted here as well, including entry fees if applicable and how many people are participating. Rebuy fees are noted there too.

The events are color coded according to status

Red means an event has ended. Orange means it has yet to start. The smoky blue color means the event is active.

Now you have all the basic info, you can confidently explore the options to participate in tournaments at Lincoln Casino. One final thing… you won't be disappointed… that's for sure.