Tournaments at Drake Casino

Tournaments aren't ideal for every casino player, but if you're keen to learn more about them, Drake Casino has plenty for you to look through.

It's the quickest of virtual hops to get there from the landing page too. Look at the menu spread across the top of the page and you'll see it there. Let us take you there now, so you can see some of the tourneys you might play in along the way.

Everything loads to start with

When you arrive on the tournament page, you'll see six tabs along the top of the chart. All the tournaments are inside that chart, and the red tab indicates you're viewing them all when you arrive. The other tabs are in yellow, covering featured events, free rolls, and ones that have ended. You've also got separate tabs for slots and table game events.

Free rolls are the ideal starting point

Everyone must start somewhere, and if you've never played a tournament before, you might feel nervous about starting. That's fair enough, and fortunately Drake Casino understands this. They've got a free roll section that means all events in that area are free to enter.

Entry fees are usually a few dollars, but none of the free rolls have this fee. This means they are more likely to have limited prize pools too, but that's a small concern.

Get to know the symbols for each tournament

Drake Casino has produced a series of symbols to tell you at a glance the status of each event. The gold tick is good to see as this means the tourney is starting soon. You can select any event you like - live or otherwise - and a panel appears on the right. This explains more about that event, including information about entry fees, prize pools, rebuys if applicable, and the leaderboard.

Tourneys for everyone at Drake Casino

You can never guarantee you'll see any tournaments to enter at a specific casino, but you can see that Drake Casino has a decent range of events happening now or soon. When we checked out the options, we saw 11 events that were either live or coming up.

So, if you end up joining the casino, bear in mind the extra layer of events and action occurring in that part of the site. Who knows what might be coming up next?