Stretched Bonus at Slots LV

One thing you will soon realize when you check out the Slots LV site is that they have lots of promotions on offer for you to look at. One of these is called the Stretched Bonus, but with a name like that you might wonder what on earth it actually is.

We’ve got the answers.

Okay so what exactly is a Stretched Bonus?

This bonus provides you with a great opportunity to claim up to $700 in weekly match bonuses. The bonus bonanza doesn’t just last for one week, it lasts for as long as you want it to last. Now that’s a pretty good deal don’t you think?

This means they’ve essentially stretched a single bonus amount over an indefinite period of time, hence the name of the bonus.

What more can you tell me about it?

Well, while it might sound pretty good to start with you don’t yet have all the information. The code you have to work with is WEEKLY7, and that gives you another clue as to just how good this deal is.

You see, the code is available to be used as many as seven times in a single week. When you use it you get match bonuses of 100% that are worth as much as $100 each. For example if you deposit $50 you’ll get an additional $50 in your account. If you deposit $100 you’ll get $100 as well. However if you deposit more than $100 you’ll get the maximum match-up bonus of $100 as that’s the limit.

Although since you can use this as many as seven times in a single week, it’s worth limiting your deposit so you can make the most of it at all times.

Does this make Slots LV one of the best slots game sites you can use?

It certainly puts it in serious contention for the best site around today. We all have our favorites and this could be yours as you can get a load of extra cash to play with for as long as you love to use the site.

Why not take a closer look now to see whether you can make the most of this particular website? With games galore and some other great promotions on offer as well, Slots LV looks set to become even more popular than it is at the moment. Enjoy!