6000 Dollars Worth of Bonuses from Drake Casino

Drake Casino is now offering a 300 percent bonus that can go as high as 6000 dollars. The significant change that has been made to the welcome bonus will attract even more players for its sheer size and accessibility. The first three deposits that the player makes can be utilized for this gigantic deposit. All three deposit bonuses are 300 percent and can be as big as 2000 dollars. The big change is in the fact that the total sum of the bonus can be acquired over the course of three deposit installments instead of one, which was the previous case. Another upgrade is the rise to 300 percent as opposed to the 100 percent that used to be the match limit. Also the top sum of 6000 dollars is a small improvement over the 5000 dollars that was the previous biggest award possible of the welcome bonus.

Naturally, players are unlikely to make 2000 dollar installments. Nonetheless, the 300 percent raise will still affect in a very positive way the balance of the gambler because the clear profit out of this deal will be basically two times the amount that he or she has deposited. The bigger the deposit is, the bigger the return will be and it is the kind of return that leaves you richer than you were before. Regardless, Drake Casino is gearing up with even more deposit-affiliated bonuses. Every player that makes a deposit installment is automatically placed in a position of Red Diamond VIP level. With such a status, a gambler would receive a 100 percent bonus, going as high as 500 dollars on every single deposit. The more the players moves up through the levels, the better promotions will they receive and the bonuses will pay more and more. Weekly bonuses as well as seasonal promotions are also available to players. For more information, it is advisable to check the weekly newsletter by signing up for it. Inside the full and detailed information about the bonuses can be found. The rest of the bonuses that are provided by Drake Casino include Monday Spins, Facebook & Twitter promo, Rewards Game of the Month, a weekly casino rebate and others. Every week and month will have pleasant financial surprises of its own and if you want to know what exactly to look for you can always check the promotions section of Drake Casino in order to be ready.