BitStarz’s New Bonus Max Bet Protection

BitStarz is adding a new feature to their system, which will work entirely for the players’ benefit and comfort. Gamblers will now be completely protected from betting above the maximum bet limit when it comes down to bonus money. If a gambler is playing with money earned through bonuses he or she can only place a bet that is under a certain limit, which is a common requirement in every online casino. What BitStarz is introducing is a simple way for their members to stick by the rules and protect themselves for any financial losses (punishments). Every casino has rules just the way it has bonuses and promotions and while it can deliver awards it can also claim fees from players if they break the laws of their membership.

The Protection Feature

BitStarz have initiated this special max bet protection following the arrival of many requests from players regarding assistance with their struggle to stay below the limit. What this new addition to their system does is to basically prevent the players from going over it by also stopping the unnecessary extraction of money from their accounts. Basically members of the casino will no longer have to worry about the possibility of being punished or unintentionally breaking the rules for that matter. The fact that they have requested assistance for keeping up with the rule means that they do not deserve punishment and it is a very generous act on BitStarz’s behalf to respond appropriately and create such a protective tool on their website.

The Casino

BitStarz Casino gives players the opportunity to play games of various different creators, using many currencies. The casino features more than 800 games. It pays quickly, efficiently and offers maximum security. They are one of the top-ranked casinos worldwide both as a bitcoin using casino and as one that releases new and highly expected games. AskGamblers have confirmed their place as an all-time great through their own leaderboards and rankings. It is only natural that such a well-established place for online gamblers comes up with such an act of care and support for their members and fans. Kate Garber, the marketing manager of BitStarz has stated that a good relationship with their players is vital for successful development and that any feedback is welcome so that further work affiliated with satisfying the gamblers’ needs and increasing their comforts can be done.

BitStarz continues to earn its well-deserved reputation with this new protective feature that intelligently looks after the needs of both the website and its ever-increasing fans.