NJ Approves Online Gambling Bill

For many years online gambling has not been allowed in the US. There are certain loopholes which have allowed online casinos to operate from countries and areas outside the US while allowing US players. But on Tuesday the 10th January a major step forward was made in the attitude and approach to online gambling with the acceptance and passing of a new bill which will allow online gambling in the State of New Jersey from online casinos that are registered in Atlantic City.

Acceptance of Online Gambling as a Fair and Registered Pastime

America has had a long history of outlawing gambling which started nearly a century ago with the prohibition laws but a major breakthrough was made in 1931 when the state of Nevada ruled to allow gambling in recognized casinos, this was then followed by the State of New jersey in 1979 which began operating licensed casinos in Atlantic City. But in later years as the internet began to flourish many states outlawed online gambling which made it very difficult for the industry to develop in the US. Online players from the US started finding loopholes which would allow them to gamble online at certain casinos which were registered outside the US but for many years advocates of online gambling have been campaigning to bring in laws that will allow US casinos online to register and of course for US players to be able to play at US online casinos.

US Players Can Play at US Based Online Casinos

The breakthrough which happened on 10th January means that online casinos are very close to be legalized entities in the US and it also means that the crippled land based casinos can now open up online casinos which will hopefully hike up their revenues. The vote on this bill was received and approved with an enormous majority 63:1 with only three people abstaining which means at the end of the day that everyone is in favor of gambling online. Together with the bill of course there were also safeguards suggested to make sure that the gambling does not get out of hand. The approved bill has now passed to the Governor of New Jersey Christie for his final signature and if it does get the full approval it will serve as a flagship bill for other states which will prove that online gambling is acceptable in the US and not a bad thing as long as the restrictions are enforced. What this means for the average US online casino player is that he can openly play at US online casinos in US dollars and can enter all of the online free roll slot tournaments and Slot Freerolls without having to choose a casino that resides in some faraway place. In short, what this means is that gambling is coming home once again to the US and with the right restrictions and safeguards in place will once again become a thriving industry both online and through the land based casinos which will be linked to the online casinos.