Eight US States Could Soon Allow Online Gambling

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Gambling online is a pretty complex area of concern in the United States. While some states allow gambling in this form, many do not. At the time of writing Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are the only regions in the country that allow gambling online. However this could soon change if lawmakers in New Jersey expand the gambling trend as they intend to.

Is New Jersey leading the way?

Gambling on the internet has been outlawed in the US since 2006. However these laws are changing as Nevada and Delaware started creating opportunities to gamble online during 2013. It is expected that this trend will continue into 2014 as well.

New Jersey does remain the stand out leader in this field though. The governor of this state, Chris Christie, is hoping to bring in the magic $1 billion in revenues via casinos during 2014, through the availability of several online casino games. These are set to include a variety of slots games as well as poker and blackjack.

What are the rules?

It looks as though anyone in the US can play for fun on the Virgin Casino that has been launched for the enjoyment of people in this state. You’ll only be able to wager money on the games if you are a resident of New Jersey, or alternatively if you happen to be in this state when you access the site.

Could the other eight US states mentioned join the game as well?

As indicated previously, there are eight other states that currently have bills going through the motions that should result in online gambling becoming legal in those states. Indeed this number is not set in stone: other states look set to follow and it is largely only a matter of time before more states decide to allow internet gambling within their borders.

Many are asking if there should be a countrywide gambling law that allows all US residents to visit these sites and place wagers for the chance of winning money. Clearly the ban on gambling – now in place for some eight years – is showing signs of waning. It may still be law, but many US players find other sites that will allow them to play.

Perhaps 2014 will be seen as the year when things really started to change – and maybe New Jersey will be the driving force behind it.