Could Internet Gambling End Up Being Illegal Again?

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If you have been keeping up with the situation regarding the legality of online gambling in various states in the US, you may have come across news of a proposed new bill that could make it illegal again – across the whole of America.

At present there are only three states that have made online gambling legal. These are Nevada (no big surprise there), Delaware and New Jersey. However several other states are said to be thinking about following the same path. This could change given the news that came from Congress a few weeks ago.

So what exactly is happening?

A bill was introduced in Congress a month or so ago that sought to bring back a ban on gambling online in any US state. If the bill was to be passed it would make online gambling illegal – even in the states that have made it legal and whose residents are currently able to gamble online.

Is this right?

It all comes down to the wording of the proposed legislation. As it stands the document doesn’t allow for these three states to continue the online gambling they currently offer. It would mean that – if it were brought in – these states would have to instantly cease offering online gambling opportunities.

Needless to say the three states that do offer it at present are opposed to the new idea. Nevada in particular is against it, being as it is at the heart of gambling in the US. It has been for years and the idea that Congress would be in control of the laws would be displeasing for them. Instead the Governor of the state said he thought the decision should remain with the state in this case.

What will happen?

Many people are opposed to it, but there seems to be an equal number of people who support the new bill. This is perhaps to be expected. Some say those who do wish to gamble online will continue to find a way to do so in the future, regardless of the outcome of the bill. There is a truth to this, and the outcome would be that many people would go elsewhere to find online gaming opportunities – some of which may not be as safe as those offered at present.

It remains to be seen what happens to the bill but we shall be watching closely.