World Leaders Slots Introduces You to Powerful Heads of State and Royal Profits

Did you ever dream of a successful career in politics, and do you love the power and fame that come with the job? Then this is your unique opportunity to take a seat at the table where the rulers of the world make their most important decisions. At this table, you also get a lucrative chance to fill up your treasury with plenty of coins. Spin the reels of World Leaders Slots and meet all kinds of powerful leaders from powerful countries like for example the rulers of China, Russia and the USA. This 18 pay line slot machine is a creation from innovative game software developer Arrow's Edge. The innovative character from the company certainly shines through in this slot as it is a title with many unique game play features. For example, this game has not one but three highly important wilds. The first one is the UK wild in the form of a crown. The second one is the Russian wild in the form of a bear, and the third one is the US wild in the form of a golden eagle. The game also has a bonus scatter item. This is a red phone that can put you in direct contact with other leaders if you spin it at least three times on the screen. These leaders will be happy that you call to discuss politics, and they will show their appreciation by giving you beneficial gifts.

Take a Seat at the Table With Political Big Shots and Royalties

Are you a power and money hungry slot machine game enthusiast? Then you are now elected to take your place behind the reels of World Leaders Slots, where you have permission to push buttons that create nuclear prizes. Now you have a chance to take it up with the big shot politicians and royalties in this slot title. Play this game for fun or lead yourself to big profits via some real money bets. Your world leader summit takes place on Drake Casino. So head over to this online gambling platform immediately, because you don't want to miss out on such an important meeting where the treasures of the world are being shared. Make sure that you stay on friendly terms with everyone, because good relations are always profitable for your finance department. Become the richest leader of the online casino world when you play the game of politics and international relations like a true head of state.