Reel Poker Slots: A Truly Rewarding Combination

Real Poker Slots proves to be a unique addition to the slot game genre and a fine addition to the favourite compilation of any devoted gambler. With this one, players will find an unusual, but highly effective mix of the video poker entertainment and the typical slot game conventions. A full card deck of 52 cards is contained within every single reel, which allows for the minimization of the risk and the increase of the entertainment factor. With that many symbols there are literally hundreds of winning combinations and what is even better is the fact that there is no right direction of acquiring symbols-the combinations work either way.

The Slot Poker Combinations

The payouts in this game happen in pretty much the same way you would expect from an actual video poker game and this is one side of this slot that is quite telling and impressive about the level of merging of the two games. Reel Poker slots allows for a free spins bonus round that can get activated randomly in the case of matching cards. It can prove to be heavily rewarding since it can deliver not only as many as 20 additional spins but also multipliers that increase the eventual payments up to five times. Another extremely comfortable for the gambler detail is that the chances of acquiring low spins and low multipliers is the same as that of receiving big ones.

Reel Poker Jackpots

Another peculiar option is the double card, which deliver a multiplier of 2 for your free spins; basically one of the fifteen cards that will be present on the reels is the one that delivers the double multiplying effects and you can try and guess it. However, the biggest surprises are naturally the jackpot awards and yes, there are three of them in the case of Reel Poker Slots. Pay in mind, though, that these aren’t one-time, one-off huge awards. They will be won by gamblers quite often and that’s why they can range between 75 dollars and 750. They also arrive randomly. Players will increase their chances of acquiring the jackpot if they keep selecting 5 coins with which to join a spin. Bottom line is, the more you play, the higher your chances of landing a triumphant payout will be, as it is the case with the Royal Flush combination for instance which is rare but much more possible than usual slot game’s heavenly jackpots.

If you are a fan of poker and if you love slot games, you must definitely check this game out. The merger of the types will fascinate you and who knows, if you are the type of player that needs a little bit of everything, Reel Poker Slots might just become your favourite.