New Reel Crime game

Are You Ready for Some Reel Crime Slots?

If you’ve played a few online slots games you will know by now just how many of them are around. We’ve got a great one for you here and you’ll love it if you love crime capers. This one is called Reel Crime – a neat play on words – and it gives you an opportunity to play a seriously good game. Its full title is Reel Crime: Bank Heist, so let’s find out more about it.

How many reels and paylines are there?

The number of reels is familiar – five in total – but there are 15 paylines to choose from. This means you can bet on them all and still make it an affordable game to play.

What are the maximum and minimum bets you can place?

You can bet from a low one cent per coin to a maximum of $1. You also get the choice to play anything from one to five coins per line if you want to. This means your maximum spin amount is $75, although you can easily start playing at 15 cents a go by wagering the lowest value coin just once on each line.

Are there any special symbols?

Oh yes – Reel Crime: Bank Heist is packed with them. Look out for the gangsters because five of these brings you the jackpot. There are two other jackpots too – five money symbols wins the second and five poison symbols or violin cases wins the third.

Look out for a tommy gun too, because this acts as the scatter symbol. At least, it is one of them, because additional ones come into play if you get past round one. This game has four stages and this makes it stand apart from plenty of other games online today.

Is there a bonus game?

Yes you even get one of these! Grab three tommy guns on the reels and play the bonus round. Fire at the targets given to you and look for the key to get you into the next round.

Download and play Reel Crime slots now

There is so much to this game it is really exciting to play – and you won’t get bored over longer periods either. With additional levels, a bonus game and the chance of free spins for those who advance, you can see just how good this game is. Why not give it a try today to see what you think?