Swept Away Slots

Surely everyone has wanted to be swept away even if only for a little while. What about the possibility of being swept away to a deserted island? Well…think a bit more exclusive than a “Gilligan’s Island” type adventure! Forget about clocks and forget about schedules…Wager Gaming Technology has brought to you “Swept Away Slots.” This game will keep you in your own little world as long as you are willing to stay.

Swept Away Slots information

Swept Away Slots offers three reels and one pay line and the simplicity of this game is captivating. Centered around a theme of being on a deserted island, Swept Away Slots has symbols that reflect the theme. These symbols of survival include such things as rafts, a golden beach, blue waters and bonfires. Swept Away Slots also has its own logo which is part of the game too. There are also different SOS Symbols so if you can fill your pay line with one SOS symbol, one “Swept Away” Symbol, and one campfire you will have unveiled the winning combination.

Coin values accepted are as low as a dime to as high as $30. Look for the maximum payout of 4,000 coins. Ideally, you want to see the “Swept Away” Symbol which is the Scatter Symbol for this game. When a minimum of two “Swept Away” Symbols show up on any pay line you will win some bonus coinage. When you see all three pay lines sitting pretty with “Swept Away” Symbols this is where you will get the biggest win.

Swept Away Slots has nine winning combinations but as usual the more that you bet the more that you will take in. In order to hit for the 4,000 coins you are going to have to get three “Swept Away” Symbols and will have bet the max of three $10 coins. You will know when you have won because the machine will start flashing.

This game is so simple that anyone can play it! Fill the coins up and press spin. If that seems too difficult then you can use the “Bet Max” option. Swept Away Slots also offers the Auto Play feature for added simplicity where the reels will spin all by themselves or until you stop feeding it money.