Sunken Treasure Slots

Sunken Treasure is a video slot from RTG that is set underwater. In this game, you'll venture deep below the ocean's surface and try to retrieve treasure from an ancient sunken galleon. This isn't an overly scary venture, however, as most of the creature's you'll meet on your journey are rather cute - drawn in a sweet, fun loving style with entertaining animations whenever their symbols are hit.

Play Sunken Treasure Slots

How to Approach the Deeps

Sunken Treasure is an easy game to master, and the fact that it accepts coins sizes as low as 1c and as high as $5 means that it's equally good for beginner slot players who are just finding their sea legs and for hardened slot playing sea dogs alike.

The aim with this slot is to spin the five reels and try to have valuable symbols line up next to each other, which triggers a win. That's the core of it, but the game has plenty of extra features to keep things interesting such as bonus rounds, multipliers and special hidden games that you can trigger.

There's also a progressive jackpot that can be randomly triggered at any time, even on a result that wouldn't normally win - you just never know.

Knowing the Denizens of the Deep

The game is packed with light-hearted and fun characters that are worth varying amounts of money depending how many you can get to line up with each other. It's worth checking the game's pay table to make sure you can recognize them all.

Some that you may want to keep a lookout for include the little googly-eyed star fish and the his sweet companion the angel fish - they're both worth a decent amount of coin. Other symbols to watch out for include the old ship's anchor, the wrecked sunken galleon, and the chest bursting with golden doubloons.

Also keep your eye out for the Diver, who acts both as a Wild symbol and a multiplier, doubling any win he's a part of.

Extra Bonus Booty

If three sunken galleons appear anywhere on the reels, even if they don't line up, you've triggered the Treasure Dive bonus game. In this game, you dive into the wreckage of the ship where there are many treasure chests.

You must pick three, and each chest contains a hidden prize that could be a number of coins, or a number of free spins at the game with any winning amounts doubled.

Finding the Sunken Treasure

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