Harbour Master Slots

Yachting is often associated with the lives of the rich and famous, but even the mega affluent yacht owners have to answer to the Harbour Master! Get all the excitement of yachting and the pleasure of a dockside view without the smell and the seasickness. If you're looking for some straightforward slot machine fun, Harbour Master slots will give you just what you're looking for.

Where to Play Harbour Master Slots

While it's true that the format used in Harbour Master slots are rather old, it's a timeless style that will never go out of fashion and will never be short of players. If you want a slot machine game that goes straight to the fun and the jackpots without all the flashy packaging, try playing Harbour Master slots today!

The Classic Format

If you've grown used to (and tired of) the five-reel and multiple pay line affairs that have become the norm for slot machines these days, the traditional feel of Harbour Master slots will truly be a refreshing change. With just three reels and a single pay line, you have little to think about besides getting the right combination with the huge payout!

There are no progressive jackpot counters or 'bonus round' come-ons to clutter up your display. Harbour Master also features simple graphics to keep its focus payout-heavy instead of just visuals-intensive. There's nothing to distract you from enjoying your game and winning that jackpot!

Here to the Harbour

The graphics on Harbour Master slots adhere really well to the visual theme. The reel graphics, albeit a little simplistic, provide great contrast to the photo-realistic background that looks like it came straight out of a Monte Carlo postcard. The two-dimensional icons are consistent throughout the three reels and don't pose any threat of distracting you from your game.

Harbour Master Symbols

The logos, in ascending order of value, are the Sailboat, the Binoculars, the Yacht and the Compass. Getting three Sailboats gives you five times your bet. The Binoculars will give you 25 times your bet while the Yacht will give you 100 times the winning coin. It's the Compass, though, that will point you in the right direction for a major payout. It gives 200 times the winning bet, but win with a five-coin bet and you win a bucketful of 1,500 coins! There's another symbol - the Clock - which, although it doesn't tell the time, will give you a prize anyway, regardless of where it appears. Watch out for it!