Ronin Slots

This is a game that will take you back in time to feudal Japan, to the days of the Samurai. When a Samurai's master was slain, they became Ronin - masterless swordsmen doomed to wander until they had avenged their masters' death. Ronin conjours up some of that culture with sophisticated graphics, dazzling animations and great sound effects. It's a choice game to play, not the least because it gives away free spins like mad, making it a high value game: you get a lot for your coin.

Play Ronin Slots

The Way of the Ronin

Ronin is a reasonably simple game to play. First, pick your coin size - this can be anywhere between 1c and $5, depending on how flush you feel. You can also choose how many coins you want to wager per pay line: higher numbers of coins risked on each spin will also increase the size of your winnings.

Next, choose how many pay lines you want to activate. The game allows you to activate up to 20 different lines, and the more lines you have in play, the greater your chances of hitting a winning combination on each spin are.

That done, click the Spin button and try for a winning combination.

Japanese Artwork

The game's graphics are significant step outside of the box for Real Time Gaming - most of their stuff has an almost childish cartoon feel. Ronin, by comparison, has a much more mature feel to it. The icons include a set of high poker cards, all interpreted in a faux-Japanese type font, and a set of icons representing the world of the Ronin.

These include his horse and his helmet, the flag of his house and the ancient castle of his master. Combinations of any of these are worth serious coin, and the game has a randomly triggered progressive jackpot whose value you can see growing in a box above the reels.

Significantly, you will want to watch out for the two wild symbols: the Ronin himself, and the Koku symbol, because these are both Wild and can trigger the bonus round.

The Free-dom of the Ronin

The bonus round in Ronin is one of three free spins options, randomly awarded. For example, you could get the Koku Re-Spins feature, where Koku spreads to cover the entire reel its on, and you then get up to 10 free spins with a guaranteed Wild symbol (Koku) in play.

Or you could land 5 free spins at a random multiplier. Or best and finally, you could be awarded 25 free spins with all winnings automatically tripled.

Play Ronin Honorably

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