Progressive Diamond Jackpot

Too many virtual slots games build heavily upon technology to create a more complicated and intricate experience that requires a manual a mile long to explain each and every feature. Progressive Diamond Jackpot narrows the bridge of required manual reading to an easy game that anyone can play. The game brings nostalgia to the forefront with a theme reminiscent of typical slots game that can be found in casinos and arcades; the kind of game that can be picked up on first play. With symbols that play along with the same theme like cherries, 7s, bars, and diamonds. Designed in a peculiar yet simplistic 3 reel 1 pay line format, this game's coin values range from $.05 to $5.00 and a max bet of $15 per spin. Even with only a $10 bet the winnings could be up to 2000 coins. With only one pay line available,Progressive Diamond Jackpot promises to make you win big!

Diamonds: Your Best Friend

While some slots have fancy animated symbols and hordes of wilds and scatters, Progressive Diamond Jackpot has one major symbol that rules all other symbols: the diamond! All big-win combinations involve a specific number of diamonds in respect to coins played. By limiting the special symbols down to a diamond, players will find themselves breaking their spins down to a science. Pure simplicity has never been so rewarding!

  • 1 coin and 3 diamonds will win you 1000 coins
  • 2 coins and 3 diamonds will win you 2000 coins
Think you know where this is going? Not quite, 3 coins and 3 diamonds will win you the entire Progressive Jackpot whatever that number may be at that point of the game.

With such an easy game play mechanic and over the top rewarding prizes, the diamonds will be your guiding star to a jackpot victory!

Keep it Simple

True virtual slot gold is not found buried under stunning video cut scenes or voice over audio, or even an overly used theme, instead it's found in the ease of access for the players. While most games forget this (both slots and most other modern games), Progressive Diamond Jackpot assures that fun and gambling can go together within a simple shell. While some games may cover or distort their games, the fact of the matter is, is that they are all slot games! Progressive Diamond Jackpot is a wonderful game that doesn't forget where it came from, hello nostalgia!