Spartacus Call to Arms Slots

This exciting online slot is back again!!! You can win up to 1000 times your placed bet in the Free Spins Bonus Feature of the Spartacus: Call to Arms Slots.

Spartacus: Call to Arms has a 5 x 4 Reel Slot with up to 50 Pay Lines. All you have to do is Press the Pay table Button for information on the amounts which can be won as well as for the Bonuses which can be won. You can either play each game yourself manually or else you can opt to select the Auto Play Button where you can choose the amount of games which you want to be played on your behalf automatically. The Automatic Button is very handy if you are playing at length as it can help to eliminate the constant need to Press the Spin Button yourself and to put the play into action. You select from the list what the amount of the bet which is to be played will be and whenever you decide to alter the amount, all you have to do is press the + or – button and the amount will be added on or deducted accordingly. If you want to add, press + and likewise, if you want to deduct, press the – button. A win is made when the symbols at either side of the reels are matched by a symbol from the reels. If two or more symbols are matched with the symbols from the side columns as well as a win on the reels, your winnings will then be multiplied. This could be very exciting for you as winnings can range from 2 times the amount up to 250 times the amount bet by yourself. If a Wild symbol lands on the special reels, it will then automatically move onto a random position on the reels. This is because the Wild symbol will not move onto a Bonus symbol or onto a Wild symbol which is already on the base game reels.

There is a special Columns feature which gives you a Free Spins Bonus. To trigger this off you must find a Bonus symbol which can be found on reels 1, 3 and 5. The bet that is used for any Free Spins will be the same amount as the bet you have placed to trigger off the bonus in the first place. During the Bonus you will be allocated 10 Free Spins initially however, if you encounter another 3 Bonus symbols on the reels, this will trigger off another 10 Free Spins and so on. When you are using the Bonus game, the number of Wilds found on the reels is increased thus increasing the amount of your winnings. Also, during the Bonus Game, the multipliers are all doubled. This means that you can get 500 times the amount on any spin.