Aquatica Slots

This game is probably about as close as you are going to get to Finding Nemo if it was made out of clay. Featuring an impeccably done art style that makes you go awe every five seconds, it is one of the better looking undersea themed games out there. Thankfully, it is also more than just a pretty face. It plays very well, thanks in no small part to a decent jackpot and the software behind it.

Many Bonus Rounds

At the outset, it doesn’t seem like it’s very complicated. Being five reels in total and having nine lines to bed on, it’s nothing to write home about as far as gameplay goes. Once you start going, however, you’ll see why this one has become so popular! This largely has to do with the number of bonus rounds, which add a fun little twist on your typical slot going experience. Specifically, the mystery bonus in the pick me bonus both serve to break up the monotony of spinning one after another. It’s a great way to pass the time, and keeps everything a step above your usual slot machine fare.

Bet a Little or a Lot

When it comes to betting, you can expect what you usually find in the rest of slot land titles. Specifically, you will find coin sizes that start at a penny, a small number of lines to bet on, and a maximum betting amount of $30. You can get up to 40 coins per line, which is nice. Nothing is really all that out of the ordinary, however, aside from the art style and sense of fun from the bonus games.

We would go into the different things that you can match, but we’re not quite sure how we would even describe them beyond very colorful versions of fish. There’s some kind of red spiky fish, and a team of fish, and even an underwater submarine thing with a tentacle on it, but it’s all a bunch of fishy stuff that looks pretty cute. That’s exactly how we would describe Finding Nemo, however, so we don’t say that as an insult! The graphics are one of the high points of this game, looking like they were handmade out of Play-Doh or clay. Play-Doh would be a better analogy, although we were never as good at it as they seem to have gone here!

Hit in the Genre

Of the different underwater and fish themed games on the market, this would probably be in our top three. It doesn’t have the realism that some of the other ones offer, but it’s definitely got the most charm out of any fish game we have ever played, and slot machines or otherwise. It really is a great game just to admire for what they did there, and we applaud them for their efforts.

If we had to change something about this game, it would definitely be the lack of any compelling jackpots. The art style is definitely compelling enough to keep you interested, but we are after all playing these games to win money and retire, which this game doesn’t pay as much attention to. If you love the art style enough to play for longer, that certainly is worth something. Definitely not as much as a big progressive jackpot, however!

Great Looking Game Most Will Love

If you would all like what you see when you look at the screenshot, you’re probably gonna love this game. If you’re not into that sort of thing and hate fish, then this probably isn’t for you. It’s a polarizing game in that way, but if it does scratch that itch for you, it’s definitely one of the more unique underwater games!