Animal Arcade Slots

This is where title from goes above and beyond to be a lot different than what you’re probably used to! It doesn’t operate like a traditional game in the slot machine genre, and to be honest, we’re little bit hard-pressed to describe it. Still, as you can probably tell by looking at it, the production values are high, a lot of thought went into it, and it is colorful and cute as all hell. It’s definitely interesting and unique, which we recommend it for based on that alone!

Cute and Fuzzy

We’ll talk about the easier to understand parts first before we get into the game plan what the hell is going on there. As you can tell from the art style, this one’s all about animals, and related things. Since real world animals will really kill you, they’ve made it all cute, fuzzy, and friendly looking. We don’t knock them for that, as we feel that’s really the way to go. Realistic animals usually suck. These don’t, which we feel makes it a winner for them!

This isn’t Strictly Speaking a Slot Machine Game

The headlining feature here is definitely the somewhat roulette style gameplay that makes it very much unlike a slot machine game at all. Although slot is in the title, it technically isn’t a slot machine. There is a grid set up in a circle on the playing field, and you bet on different tiles within it. Some of them have colorful characters, some of them have free spins, and some of them have double your win. You bet on animals specifically, which can accompany different things. After you spin, the cursor goes around the screen until it stops at random. It’s kind of like wheel of fortune, only with a square instead of a wheel. Based on what it lands on, that’s what you win. It is both simpler and more complex than a traditional slot machine game at the same time!

If we were to change something about the game, it definitely would not be the gameplay. Although we still have slot machine games, it is nice to play something different in the genre with the same deposits that we use for all the other games! We would add in some more impressive jackpots, however, much like traditional stop machine cams. Those are sorely missed in our play time here, though the bonus rounds do make up for them. They are specifically the double one feature and the free spans feature. They are not a bonus round in the traditional sense, but they are an extra thing you can land on that causes you to win that immediately.

As for the rest of the game, it all looks pretty much like you would expect. They definitely re-organized things from the traditional slot machine game look, but it is all at heart still the same kind of graphics and mechanics as you would find elsewhere. We think this is for the best, as we don’t need them to start an entirely new genre that we would have to rate and decide whether it was trustworthy!

Fun, Different, and Lucrative Game

If you’re looking for something different, this is definitely that. It isn’t even technically a slot machine game, it just plays similarly! If you have cute colorful animals, this one’s also for you too. Just beware of the highly saturated colors, and the power that staring at that rainbow for too long can have on your eyes. It’s also bright and colorful that we do think that some people might even get a seizure while playing it, if people still do that in the smart phone age!