Dash for Cash Slots

It's summer time and the living is easy. So is having fun and making lots of money at Dash for Cash Slots a classic 3 reels 1 payline slots game from Betsoft Gaming Software. This game is well designed in its simplicity and easy to use, yet it's colorful, friendly and familiar at the same time. Soon as you arrive at this game you'll see an image of the forest with a 3D branch used as the creative location for the spinning reels and spin buttons on the right hand side.

  • The colors of the game used are cartoon designed forest browns, greens and blues with vividly illustrated pictures for symbols that include a Dash for Cash (leaf), a Squirrel, Wild, Sevens, Acorn, Pinecone and a Tree.
  • This game is just like playing in your tree fort when you were a kid, but with spinning reels and lots of ways for you to win cash.
  • You can plan your tree betting strategy with lots of ways to win and betting options starting at 5 cents and working its way up to $5.
  • There is a maximum bet of $15 and that is good if you want to climb up that money tree and win with the biggest prizes at Dash for Cash Slots.
  • Leaves are falling all around and so will the cash with every spin of this tree happy game soon as you hit that jackpot of 1,500 coins when you're betting the maximum amount. That's the catch so go nuts.
  • When you're betting the maximum amount you can win big if you get three or more of the same symbols on the paylines; and you don't need to hit a wild symbol, but there will be a number that shows on the centerline.
  • The graphic looks like a twig and it's connected to the branch across the reels. This is the number that will be multiplied times your total betting amount and that's what you win.
  • The items you will find on the game display include all the things you need to keep this game rolling like: Bet Per Line, Bet Max, Spin, Coin denomination, and for the window information you will find Credits, Bet, Win, and your balance.

Dash for Cash Slots wants to load up your buckets.

Squirrels like to prepare for winter and so can you when you make it on over to this games bonus round. Soon as you get three "Dash for Cash" symbols on the reels you'll be triggering the bonus round. Now the objective of the bonus game is to keep the squirrel in the air and make sure you're landing him on the pole's electrical wires so he can keep collecting those nuts.

  • He likes to jump from pole to pole quickly, so stay alert, your job is to watch the arrows in the bottom right corner and press the same ones indicated on your keyboard.
  • This helps to direct the squirrel on the landing and guide him on which way to continue.
  • It's important that you go for all the six rounds, so when you get to the final round you will win that bonus amount indicated; but remember you have to get to the end of the bonus round to collect the prizes.
  • Keep playing this game and you just might be filling up the tree fort with lots of cash prizes and that will surely make you go nuts all summer long.
  • You don't have to be a tree hugger to enjoy this game as this game's design is unique compared to other classic three reeled slots games and the bonus round adds to the interactivity if you're looking to sharpen your gaming skills on the keyboard. Play now!