Cash Grab Slots

Cash Grab is very popular online slot game. Cash Grab can give a player a glimmer of hope because it's one game where it uses a wild card and bonus game. In other words, players are given as many opportunities as possible to win with all these rules. Think of how much you can possibly get from this slot game. Some players would definitely want to be given as much chance at hitting it big as often as possible and Cash Grab does make it happen for anyone.

Cash Grab Slots Rules

Since the game uses only up to three reels, payout is possible only on the center payline. So the more coin bets a player puts in, the higher the payout credit for it. After the reels are spun, the combinations on the center payline will be checked according to the payout table. The Cash Grab symbol happens to be a wild symbol that may help a player complete a winning combination or at best, come up with a better combination that would mean higher payout. Not only that, if the payout is completed because of this wild card, the payout is even double the amount. Make that 2 wild cards and payout equal to four times the regular amount is credited to the player's account. The formula for computing a player's winning is the number of coins times the coin value multiplied to the credit value laid out on the payout table.

Cash Grab Slots Bonus Wins

Players are sure winners with the bonus round of Cash Grab. Like most three reel slot games, the bonus symbol should show on the activated center payline for it to launch the bonus round. When this happens, all other game features are disabled until the bonus round is finished. What players will see are money bags where the value is hidden until a player clicks on each on to reveal what's inside. Player have the choice to collect what he sees or try to open other money bags in the hope that it would turn up a higher amount. If the player chooses to collect, the bonus round will draw to a close. If he gets to the last money bag, player will be accepting its value and the bonus round is done.

Many have seen their small coin bets win for them. You too can find that pot of gold if you keep trying at Cash Grab. That rule is as simple as it gets in terms of slots probabilities.

Where to play Cash Grab Slots

On this site we recommend and compliment only to the best online casino brands. Cash Grab Slots can be found at Wager Gaming Technology LibertySlots Casino.