Black Gold Rush Slots

Black Gold Rush is themed around the gold rush days. Everyone knows how Texans just love black gold! To this day Texans pump out more oil than anyone in the US. This is how folks make their fortunes! Texans are used to drilling gushers and having them spews hundreds of feet into the air. Now you get your crack at being part of the Black Gold Rush with eight winning combinations.

Black Gold Rush slots are powered by Vegas Technology and offer three reels. The game is pretty straightforward and would be considered by many to be a classic. The theme says it all…look for gushing oil wells, big fat cigars and Stetsons…of course you'll want to see the dollar signs which mean you are about to strike it rich and to get rich you have to have the barrels of oil which are present too. Throughout the game you will see the oil getting pumped.

In Black Gold Rush Slot you can wager up to three coins. Look for the Oil Droplets as they are the Wild Symbol so when you see that you have two of them shout with a big Hee Haw…Black Gold! Three Oil Droplets and you have struck gold! It is your turn to be the wealthy oil tycoon for a change. Load em up partner and wager the three coins so you can get your piece of the pie! Winning with the Wild Symbol allows you to double your winnings.

You will know when you won because you will see the Oil Mine that's in the Black Gold Rush logo start pumping out oil wildly. The max jackpot pays out 2,000 coins. You can play Black Gold Rush with coin values of .10 to $10 so you can play with one coin or three coins. Play whatever is your fancy! Just know that to win big you have to bet big!

Use the Stop Spin button where you can stop the reels yourself whenever you want to. There is nothing fancy going on in this game it is just pure slot action at its finest. There is no need for progressive jackpots or bonus games. Black Gold Rush Slots works for all players, young and older alike. It is time for you to do a little prospecting yourself and reveal where some of those darn treasures are still hiding!