Bermuda Triangle slots

The standard three-reel slot games may look as though they have a lot less to offer than the more familiar five-reel games we see a lot today. However we think the Bermuda Triangle slots game is a great addition to the ones you have a chance to play. Check out our review of it below to see what you think.

How many reels and paylines are there?

This game has three reels but it does manage to pack in five paylines. This makes it a good game for newbies who have smaller budgets to work with. The symbols can stop in what looks like odd places on the reels but this is so they have the potential to win on different paylines.

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

The smallest amount you can bet on a line is one cent, while the biggest sum is 50 cents. Remember you can also wager on any of the lines from one to five, enabling you to bet on all the lines for as little as five cents.

Are there any special symbols?

No, although there are symbols that are worth more in combinations than others. For example if you can get three boat symbols on a single line you will win one of the top five prizes in the game. Among the other symbols you’ll see in the Bermuda Triangle slots game are planes and various sea mammals.

Is there a bonus round?

No, this is a basic three-reel game in this sense and there isn’t a bonus round in play. You won’t get any free spins either, which is a shame. However if you are able to get any three of the sea mammals on a payline you win ten coins of the value you placed a bid with. This is the easiest win to get on the reels and it does make it more exciting.

Download and play Bermuda Triangle slots today!

For our money this is a great little game to play that keeps things simple and is a nice introduction to online slots for players who are new to online casinos. It might also be a good game to play if you want to take a break from some of the more complex games out there today. After all you don’t always have to enjoy the more involved games – there are plenty of others that are great to play too.