Ugga Bugga slots

An Unusual Slot to Try Out

When was the last time you played a really good slots game that was completely unlike anything else you’d seen in a while? If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out when that was, we’ve got a game for you right now that will fit the bill.

It’s called Ugga Bugga and we’re going to review it for you here.

How many reels and paylines are there?

There are three reels in play and just one payline. However there are ten rows in play, appearing on the screen in two blocks of five that sit next to each other.

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

The smallest bet is one cent while the largest is $5. You can’t place multiple coin bets on the payline either, so this is a great slot game if you have a small budget but you want a game that offers a little bit more.

Are there any special symbols?

Yes – the game has a wild symbol that takes the form of an idol. This is easy to spot because the word ‘wild’ appears across the front of it in red. There is no scatter symbol but there are plenty more symbols in use in the game.

The other symbols include drums of different colors, a grass hut, a tribal man and African masks of different colors. Depending on how many of each symbol you get, you could win prizes when you spin.

Is there a bonus round?

There is no bonus round here either, since this is a different kind of game to the more common slots options around today. However you do get a neat feature you’ll spot as soon as you start playing.

When you hit the spin button three symbols on the lower left hand side row will spin. You then get to choose whether you want to hold any of them. Anything you hold will appear in that position on every one of the other nine rows as well. Needless to say it’s worth holding a wild symbol! Once you’ve made your decision you can spin again and the remaining rows will fill up. You can then see how much you’ve won.

Download and play Ugga Bugga today!

This is a very different game and it’s worth a closer look. You never know, you might just win some impressive prizes once you start playing Ugga Bugga!