Goblins Cave Slots

Play The Multi Spin Goblins Cave Slots Game

You probably have your favorite online casinos you go to a lot, such as the Liberty Slots Casino and the Miami Club casino games for instance. But sometimes a game will come along that encourages you to head for another casino altogether, just so you can play it.

This is where the Goblins Cave slots game comes in. You'll love this one because it is slightly different from many other slots online today. Let's check it out now and then you can download and play Goblins Cave Slots!

How many reels and paylines does it have?

It has three reels in play and one payline. However it is slightly different because there is more than just one set of reels - there are three instead.

What is different about this game?

As you can see from the title, the Goblins Cave slot is a multi spin game. When you get started you spin the bottom reel and wait until it stops. When it does you can elect to pick one of the three reels and hold it in place if you wish.

This adds a little extra depth to what would otherwise be a simple three reel, one payline game.

What symbols are in play?

The wild symbol is easy to spot because it takes the form of a red ruby. It also has the word 'wild' written on it.

You should watch out for the lantern symbol too because it can unlock the bonus round if you get three in a row. This gives you another game screen with eleven treasure chests on it. All you have to do is pick one of them to reveal the prize within the chest.

Basically you get a chance to plunder the goblins' treasure with every spin of the reels. You need to match up such items as rings, goblin coins, jugs and even crowns. The more you match up, the more you win.

What is the biggest prize you could win?

Well it depends on how many coins you wager to start with. The biggest prize is granted for matching up three red rubies. This pays 150 times your original bet. You can wager anything from 0.001 to 5.00 per line, so you can see it can add up!

Download and play Goblins Cave slots today and see how much treasure you can grab from those goblins.