Triple Gold Slots

Triple your Winnings with Triple Gold

The Triple Gold is an online casino game laid out from the original land-based version. If you haven't tried the game, it is much like the real stuff. It is a classic three reel slot with a single pay line. The advantage of this game is its 5 coin bet maximum. The only difference of the game from the live version is its coin sizes. You can inflate your coin sizes up to six different varieties. You can bet from 1 cent up to 10 dollars. You can bet 3 coins per spin to win the jackpot. The maximum jackpot of the game will reach up to 15000 coins. If you want to win big, try to form that winning combinations. Some of these winning combinations are the 3 triple gold symbols and the 3 red sevens which gives you the second jackpot. Try your luck! Play now, try this game!

Triple Gold Slots Game play

The symbols used in this game are the same as the other slot machines. If you're going to play this game, you will encounter the usual bars and sevens. The special feature of this game is its wild and multiplier symbol which is the triple gold symbol. Don't you know that if you hit one of this wild-multiplier symbol, you will get a chance to triple your winnings or multiply it by 9. If you placed a single coin, you will win 5000 coins. If you hit 2 of this symbol and placed 2 coins, you will get a chance to win 10000 coins. As I have told you before, you can inflate your coins sizes. The prize you will get in this game will depend on how much you bet. If you place a bet that is worth 30 cents, you might just be winning up to 30 dollars. But if you bet on 10 dollars, you might get a chance to win up to 150000 dollars. What big winnings! This game is really one of the highest paying games in slot machine history!

Play Triple Gold Slots in the Tournaments

The only way to improve on Triple Gold is make the game even more interactive, and that's where online slots tournaments come into the game. Slot tournaments include everything you love about online video slots, but they add a dimension: instead of just playing against the machine, players in a slot tournament can play against each other, as well. It's a great way to keep the excitement going, and to multiply the cash winnings. Simply choose your favorite casino in online slots tournament schedules and play!

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