Treasure Cove Slots

Ah, finally a beautifully designed pirate theme virtual slot graces the internet. And not just a simple theme, the entire context and visuals are all related to the pirate's life including each and every symbol. Players will immediately feel engrossed into the virtual slot world as each spin of the reels can lead to a life of hidden booty! Built around the standard 5 reel 20 pay line format, Treasure Cove offers players a complete slot game with multiple features and generous payouts, while still retaining the comic goodness of pirates. Of course, with a life as a pirate comes a life of hardship and gluttony and the makers of Treasure Cove have supplied that with a massive range of coin value choices: $.01 to $50.00! That's right $50.00. That's ten times the typical coin value for the average slot game. Catering to both new comers and high-rollers, Treasure Cove offers a generous 5000 coin prize and a max 20 coin bet. But with the max bet option at $50 the value of success may stuff your wallet or your golden coin chest!

Wilds and Scatters and Multipliers

How else could a wild symbol be portrayed by anything other than a Jolly Roger Flag! As in most games these symbol can replicate all other symbols, besides the elusive scatter symbol! The scatter symbol is a replica of the treasure cove and this symbol pays out in either direction, making any roll a potential big win! The Jolly Roger Flag appears on reels 2,3, and 4 respectively. Once a player rolls three of this wild symbol multipliers and other free wins may be awarded changing the tide of any bad luck streak!

Free Practice Mode

In the majority of virtual and video slot games, players are thrown into the game as assumed masters of the reel, however, some games are harder than others. Treasure Cove understands this and gifts the players a completely free practice mode for new players to get the grasp of the game. This is a rare feature in today's online slot world, but perhaps this game can set a good precedent for the future!

Enter the Treasure Cove

Don't be a landlubber and risk out on the opportunity to find the treasure and walk away victorious! Treasure Cove is a wonderful themed slot game where players new or veteran, low-roller or high-roller, and fanatic or casual gamer can hop into the game, learn the rules, and discover literal treasure with amazing ways to win!