The Oracle

Oracle is a video slot based on a fortune telling theme, now this within virtual slots is not uncommon, but lucky enough for the player Oracle pulls this off with style and ease. With a 5 slot 9 pay line format, some would find the number off putting, but the game makes up for it with its pure amount of ways to win. Not only can players test their luck against the slots for a jackpot, but various other symbols like tarot cards and candles can be collected to win extra earnings between 500 and 1000 coins. Bets per coin range from $.05 to $5.00; so while this is a tad higher than other slots, this still caters to low-rollers while the industry max standard of $5.00 can still keep the high-rollers rolling! Oracle features plenty of extra features while still offering a max 4000 coin jackpot! With crisp graphics, the game offers a selection of iconic symbols that reflect the theme of the game like spell books and card pictures amongst other interesting little gems.

Wilds and Scatters and Bonuses

The Wild Symbol is used as the Oracle itself! Wilds can substitute all symbols besides the scatter symbol. Once three Oracle symbols are collected in a single spin the player may enter Free Spin mode the only true 'special' mode in the game The Scatter symbol is a crystal ball and can pay in either direction. Spin a tarot card per wheel and win 1000 coins. Spin four candles and win 500 coins.

Free Spins Mode

The Free Spins mode in The Oracle is entered once three wild symbols are spun during a single spin of the reel. Inside this mode the player may actually raise the jackpot up by up to three times. The included multiplier brings the maximum bet (after playing the mode) up to 12000 coins. At maximum value per coin that can be up to $24,000. Pretty serious huh?

Test your fate by the Tarot Cards?

Sometimes a risk is a beautiful thing, it opens up avenues and doorways you had never imagined. Do you trust the mystery and suspense of the tarot card to see the future and possibly read you a destiny of riches? The Oracle is a tight video slot filled with great features that make winning the game more rewarding with its enticing collection of symbols. It's time to lay your fate in the hands of the fortuneteller and let the oracle grant you a future of jackpots!