Witch's Brew Slots

One taste and you are cast under the witch’s evil spell. One taste of Witches Brew and you will experience all the horror and haunting of this Halloween themed Slot game. Halloween is all the year round with Witches Brew! The spell can be cast anytime, anywhere, so beware! The slot game actually takes place in a cold and scary cellar where the Witch works on her magic spells and potions. Everyone loves a great theme to spice up the game play and enhance the pleasure of winning, and Witches Brew sure provides the basis for this. The symbols fit the spooky theme fearfully, and the atmosphere is loaded with tension and evil overtones. The wagering fits into the magnificent theme perfectly, and when you add up the immense power of the mobile version, then you have one potent Witch’s Brew on your hands!

Drink the Brew, Feel the Magic

With a familiar layout, Witches Brew slots keeps one leg on reality, the other focussed on the imagination. With 5-reels and 25 pay lines, the structure and layout of the game are intuitive and straightforward to use. What's more, Witches Brew has all the best casino special features that are usually to be found in any good Slot game. There are Free Spins, Bonuses, Multipliers, Wilds and Scatters, all of which contribute to the finished product; which is pretty impressive. The overall theme contributes to the mysterious and creepy atmosphere and serves up a virtual brew of wagering options and high payout possibilities.

Wagering in the Cellar!

As a matter of fact, there are 2 Wild Symbols used in Witches Brew, so you get double the magic. They are represented by the Witch and Dragon icons. Whenever they land anywhere on the reels, you can expect high payouts and magical combinations. The Coin sizes are pretty varied and as follows; $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25 per coin. The penny wagering will attract newcomers to the game, and high rollers can have a break from the high stakes games and come down to earth with Witch’s Brew slots! All the bets can be placed by using the game control buttons usefully located on the screen for instant access. The flow of the game can also be controlled to suit players’ preferences, and the controls are easy to operate.

Evil Symbols of Power

You can expect some innovative and scary game symbols to turn up on those wheels of terror! Besides the two aforementioned Wild icons, the Dragon and Witch, you will encounter a Scatter symbol represented by the Goblin’s Blood icon. Whenever it lands on the reels, there is a chance it will trigger the scary but lucrative bonus round. You will need the get at least three of them, and you’re good to go! The two Wilds have different functions. The Witch Wild doubles your winnings if you get three on the reels. It could even be either of the Wilds, in any case, you will be transported to the bonus game called which is called the Wild Brew Feature. Once the Wild symbols are frozen in place, you can win up to ten Free Spins. When you add the Free Spins to the Frozen Wilds, the winnings can increase impressively. Getting three Scatter Goblin's Blood Symbols triggers the Goblin's Blood Feature gam. It also awards you ten Free Spins. Landing four Scatters wins you a cool 25 Free Spins. If you are really lucky enough to get all five Scatter symbols on the reels, then you stand to pocket a phenomenal 125 Free Spins! Furthermore, the Wild Brew Feature can be triggered during the free spin bonus round itself,

Other Creepy Symbols

The standard game symbols are just as impressively designed as the special ones. Other symbols to be found within the haunted basement of Witches Brew include a Cauldron/Magic Pot, a Black Cat, a Jar of Eyeballs, a Toad, some Mortar and Pestle, a Candle and a Wizard. They all combine well with the haunted Halloween theme and players should enjoy the style and gameplay.

Witch’s Mobile

Climb aboard the witch’s broomstick and try out the mobile version of Witch’s Brew. It has all kinds of magic effects and immersive qualities. The difference is you get to play anywhere you want with a mobile device. You can use iOS, Android, or Windows devices as the game is fully compatible with their respective operating systems. The graphics, complete with cobwebs, broom sticks, magic wands and cauldrons with evil brews sums up the atmospherics perfectly. In effect, Witch’s Brew mobile has been optimised explicitly so it will provide you with a seamless experience, especially if you choose to play in landscape mode, which increases the size of the picture yet keeps the same high standard and quality.


Witches Brew slots really manages to create high casino tension shrouded in a mysterious and evil theme. The marriage is made in hell, and players will love it. Witch’s Brew conjures up extreme excitement due to the horror and witchcraft theme intermingled with excellent wagering action and choice. The symbols blend into the theme like snakes in a pit, and the taste is bitter-sweet! The game harnesses the best features that are customarily found on premium themed slot games, and that is no mean task. There are ample winning chances, and Witches Brew will appeal to most kinds of players. Once you try out the Witch’s Brew, the spell will be cast over you to play and win. Dare you take on the challenge?