The Vegas Club

Welcome to The Vegas Club

Slot games come and go, some replicate time periods while others go for the more common of themes, but how man can successfully pull off one of the premier gambling locations across the entire world: Las Vegas. Few other cities could bolster such luscious tales of luxury and loss; of leaps of fate and plunges to nothingness; and of course, of that even more precious moment when the person hits the big one and walks away a star! The Vegas Club slots is an enticing game that brings this gambling brilliance to a familiar theme that will have your eyes as well as your pockets thanking you! Designed in a 5 reel 9 pay line format, this amazing slots holds a 10,000 coin jackpot for some of the most lucky players! With bets ranging from $.90 to $2.25, the potential for winning big every spin coupled with the fun of this well-designed homage to Sin City will no doubt keep you spinning throughout the night. The symbols provided across the reels also reflect the elegance of Las Vegas with icons like a fancy car, coins, a man, a woman, a musician, a Vegas sign, along with other more familiar items.

Getting Wild

The Vegas Club has two wild symbols that may substitute as all other symbols besides the scatter symbol. The Vegas Club logo will appear across reels 1-4 respectively, while the special car symbol will only appear on reel 5. The scatter symbol is represented by the chips icon. Spin all 5 chip symbols to earn a 200x multiplier on your trigger bet. This in itself is one of the most powerful features across any slot game available on the internet.

Two Jackpots waiting for the Picking (or spinning!)

Spin a man symbol across all 5 reels and find yourself walking away from your computer with a 10,000 coin jackpot! Spin a woman across all 5 reels and find yourself with the 2nd jackpot of 2,500 coins!

Change your Luck Streak

One of the most alluring features of Vegas Club slots is the Re-Spin feature allowing up to 10 spins to be redone. Having a bad luck streak? Win this feature to totally turn your bad day around and turn you into a winner.

To unlock simply spin the Club logo on reels 1-4 and a car on reel 5. This special combination will catapult you into this amazing Re-Spin Feature

Lose yourself in the City of Sin

Las Vegas is an enticing destination huddled in the desert of Nevada, however, with The Vegas Club you can access the goodies of this place via your computer screen. Take your spin, you won't regret it!