Voodoo Magic Slots

The look of a particular slot game can make the world of difference in helping you decide whether you want to play it or not. Voodoo Magic certainly gets you in the mood for a voodoo-related slots experience, so let’s check out what else this spooky slot has to offer.

How many reels and paylines are in play?

There are five reels on the Voodoo Magic game screen and an unusual amount of paylines – 13. Hopefully this will be lucky for some, including you!

What are your minimum and maximum bet amounts?

The smallest coin value you can play with is 0.01 while the biggest of the lot is 0.25. Since you can only play with one coin per line this is an affordable slot for everyone to play, particularly those who want to cover all the lines even on a small budget.

Are there special symbols in the game?

Yes there are. The first one to be aware of is the Priestess. She is the wild symbol and will stand in for all the other symbols in the game to help generate the possibility of more winning lines. In addition to this you can watch out for the voodoo dolls; you’ll recognize them as they have pins in them! They are the scatter symbols and if you can get at least two on the game screen you’ll have a chance to trigger some free spins. The best outcome here is 25 free spins.

An additional feature during this part of the game is a Magic Multiplier. This is not guaranteed but if it does appear it can trigger bigger wins than you’d get otherwise.

Does Voodoo Magic have a bonus game?

Unfortunately no, this particular slots game doesn’t deliver a bonus round.

Download and play Voodoo Magic slots online now!

This is a pretty basic game but the level of detail in the game screen and the fact that it came out in time for Halloween make it worth a look. Beginner slots players will love trying it for size and since it appeals to those with smaller budgets this makes a lot of sense too.

Check out Voodoo Magic today and make sure you’ve got the best opportunities to try and bag some mysterious wins. This may be a more basic game with regard to features but you’ll still enjoy it!