Slots Galore Bonus

Slots Galore Casino is known for its amazing games and fantastic customer service but more than that it is also known for its generous and constant bonuses and special offers that it gives in support of all of its customers and players. At Slots Galore casino you can find numerous different bonuses and special offers which are constantly being updated and improved to suit current affairs as well as provide the best bonuses that there are on the internet today.

New Player Sign Up Bonus

Once you have downloaded and registered as a new player to Slots Galore Casino you must take advantage of the initial sign up bonus offer which will match your first deposit 100% up to the value of $1000. So where possible, you should try and make your first bet as high as possible in order to take advantage of the full bonus that is offered. All subsequent deposits are also given a bonus opportunity of a 25% reload match up, in other words you can receive 25% in cash back on the money that you deposit every month. Well if this isn’t enough to convince you that Slots Galore is an extremely generous casino to play at and of course a fun and exciting casino with a wide range of games, there is even more.

Promotions Calendar

Slots Galore casino offers a promotions calendar where you can find different promotions depending on the time of the month that you are playing or the day of the week. Of course all of these promotions do need a certain wagering requirement which can be found in the terms and conditions of each bonus. You will need to meet the wagering requirement in order to take full advantage of the bonus that is offered. Each bonus has different wagering requirements.

The Gift Card System

Apart from some of the more popular ways to place bets using online secure payment systems, at Slots Galore casino you can also place bets using the Gift Card system. The Gift Card system works a little like a voucher system where you can buy for yourself or another player a gift card and when you use it at the casino you receive an added bonus amount depending on the value of your gift card. This is a great way to pleasure a friend or even give yourself a treat.

Tournament Bonus Options

The last and for some the best way of enjoying bonus options at Slots Galore casino is of course taking part in the different tournaments that are offered. You can refer to the tournament schedule that is offered at Slots Galore tournament and enjoy some great low cost slots and other games with the chance to win the pot or even more, higher set amounts. Working your way up the leader board of the tournaments will not only give you a glow of pleasure but will offer you more bonuses and chances to win.

VIP Rewards

As with all excellent casinos, Slots Galore also offers a VIP club which gives extra special attention to its players in addition to reward points for all games played. The more points that you gain the more cash back you can receive and enjoy when playing at Slots Galore. One shouldn’t look only at the bonuses when choosing which casino to play at, but the bonuses make a big difference to any casino game play and make the whole experience very exciting and even more lucrative than normal.