Slot Tournaments at Slotastic Casino

Slotastic Casino has started offering slots tournaments with a difference. They are highly competitive, exciting and immersive. The interaction with other players is a crucial element that contributes to the overall atmosphere the tournaments provide. Slotastic online casino offers players exceptional and unparalleled entertainment.

The Tournaments

The tournaments are free to enter, or there may be a small buy-in fee. The games are provided by industry stalwart Realtime Gaming, who have been offering Slotastic online casino with high-quality slots and casino games since as far back as 2009. The tournaments are varied, with something to suit all players. They take place throughout the day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Players can opt in at any time, and join a competitive game. The tournaments have different gifts such as cash payouts, prizes, unique features, and buy in options. Popular and engaging slots are the stars of the championships, so quality is never lacking.

Get Started

How do you enter a tournament? Easy, just sign up at Slotastic Casino, access the welcome package to get a bonus. Then you are set to go. Once you have an account, the world is your oyster, and the tournaments are waiting for you to participate in. Once you have signed up, the software can be easily downloaded to a PC; then players have full access to the casino, the games, bonuses and, of course, the tournaments from the casino lounge. The main lobby of the casino allows the selection of tournaments using the Tournaments tab on the side menu. Once this is done, players will find themselves in the primary slots tournaments lobby. They can then choose a tournament to join, and experience the thrills of a live tournament from the comfort of their living room.

Types of Tournaments

There are several types of tournaments which are ongoing at Slotastic Casino. The free tournaments do not require any buy-in fee, yet a considerable payout can be won. Once you have a certain number of credits, you can start playing, to accumulate as many additional credits as possible, which will ensure moving up and improving the rank on the leaderboard, which is displayed on the screen, for all to see! Running out of credits during a tournament, but want to continue playing? No problem, players can top up their credits during gameplay, so players can always keep playing at a tournament regardless. The credits can be bought from the main lobby, for the fee stated in the tournament description.

Tournament Games

Only the best slots get included in a tournament, so quality and action go together, hand in hand. Some recent slots that have ‘starred’ in tournaments include the saucy Naughty Or Nice, Achilles, and White Rhino, to name just threw out of many. The most popular tournament is the $100 Weekly Freeroll Tournament, where players get the chance to compete for significant cash prizes. There is no buy-in fee, and the top players on the leaderboard get to share the $100. Winners of this free cash roll, are determined by the number of credits they have at the end of the tournament, with the top players on the leaderboard sharing the amount equally. The tournament takes place every single week, with a slot every time, so every week brings new slots with new opportunities.