White Rhino Slots

The first time you ever see an African rhinoceros, you are stricken by its majesty and its power. I remember thinking, "I hope to God that thing doesn't decide that our Jeep is a plaything!" because it was evident that if he wanted to, he could destroy us like an aluminum can in a can crusher.

The good news is that RealTime Gaming's (RTG) latest entry in their ever growing collection of spectacular slot games truly is a plaything! A plaything for serious slot game aficionados, that is, and like all RTG games, it is a great looking, easy-to-use game that will keep players transfixed for hours on end.

Look of the Rhino

White Rhino Slots is a particularly good looking game, especially for those of us who love the great outdoors. The backdrop for the game is an image of the wide-open Serengeti plains, where the white rhino roams. The reels are stocked with images of African animals, including the Lion, Gorilla, Antelope, Ostrich and Elephant. Additionally, there is a variety of safari equipment used as symbols as well, including a Jeep, Binoculars, a Camera and, of course, a Canteen.

And then there is the White Rhino himself. When he shows up, so do the free spins, up to thirty in a set, and they may compound during a free-spin session. The Rhino also the wildcard, and it serves as a 3x multiplier when It appears in any winning combination.

The Mount Kilimanjaro symbol opens even more free spins, but what is extra cool about this one is that the Kilimanjaro symbol stays frozen in place during the free spin session, making the winnings add up really fast.

Playing with the Rhino

The White Rhino has five-reels and twenty-five paylines. There are two independent progressive jackpots that trigger randomly. This game features an auto-play function that players may set to the number of spins that they want to fire-off automatically. Winning combinations not only pay off with loads of money, but also with loads of fun animations.

Play the Rhino Now!

If you look, you will find White Rhino Slots used in some online slot tounaments, and that is a very sweet combination. This game is among the most fun and highest paying games that we have encountered in quite awhile. We absolutely love this game. Our suggestion: go log into your favorite RTG casino tonight and get the reels spinning on White Rhino slots - it is a fantastic machine that we are totally stuck on.