For Love and Money Slots

Stylish and themed in a way that you might have never seen before as far as slot games are concerned, For Love and Money Slots takes you to the extravagant world of a writer and his drama-filled, covered in garden mansion. The animation is superb, the background is lovely to behold with its bright, rich colors and the atmosphere that the designers have set up is original to say the least. The game offers 15 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows. You can select between 1 or 5 coins with which you can enter the spin. The coin value ranges between 1 cent and 1 dollar. This makes a maximum bet of 75 dollars.

The Power of Love and Writing

The wild symbol is the writer and of course he has the full control over this drama, as well as the power to replace the rest of the symbols in potential winning combinations. Every time the writer joins in on one, the payout of it will be multiplied by two. The writer does extremely well with his bestsellers and he is capable of handing out a payout of 5000 coins with his five matching symbol combination. He also gives 2000, 150 and 10 for his 4-symbol, 3-symbol and 2-symbol combinations. The scatter symbol is the Cupids symbol. They are the ones responsible for delivering not only love in this story but also the free spins. 10 Free spins will be granted, regardless if they are activated with the help of three, four of five Cupids. Naturally, the free spins can be restarted when at least three other Cupids prepare their bows on the reels again. The number of the scatter does matter when it comes down to the payout of its winning combination because 5 of its symbols award 100 coins.

The Rest of the Story's Characters

The second highest paid symbol is the story's villain-a thug, who will attempt to kidnap a girl and he is so bad that if you get five of him on the reels, an award of 1000 coins will be granted. 200, 35 and 6 will be paid for the remaining 3 combinations from 4 to 2 symbols respectively. Then we have the story's hero-a blonde, fancy looking gentleman and the story's main heroine-a beautiful lady with red hair. Both of them deliver the same payments: 400, 100, 20, 3 coins for 5, 4, 3 and 2-symbol combinations. The next symbol is an-evil looking, villain-like bald man with gold earrings, paying 200, 50 and 18 coins for its three combinations. Further down the paytable is a symbol that shows two characters-a cunning lady with silver hairs that has her thumb on a feeble man with a hat and this unlikely pair will grant gamblers 150, 50 and 15 coins. The rose symbol delivers 125, 40 and 10 coins. A pair of beautiful parrots' symbol delivers 100, 35 and 8 coins. Then, there are some of the real-life objects that are surrounding the writer as he is putting down his story on paper such as the ink, feather and parchment symbol, providing 100, 25 and 4 coins. There is also the candle which grants 90, 30 a 6 coins. The heart-shaped box of chocolates pays the same as the candle.

Those symbols form the first half of the intriguing story of For Love and Money Slots. The second half, including the ending remains to be written by the gamblers and with so many generously-paying characters and items on the reels, it is almost certain that your personal tale will turn out to be a winner.