Cleopatra's Coins Slots

I know – there are several slot games out there called Cleopatra. Plenty more have that name somewhere in the title – Cleopatra’s Coins, for example. But I’m sure you know the slot game I am referring to. It has that image of Cleopatra’s eyes on the title screen, with lots of vibrant colors surrounding it.

This is one of the most popular slots around, and certainly ranks as one of the most popular ancient Egyptian-themed slots. So, why is that the case? What are we missing here?

There are five large reels in action

While there is a hint of a background here, the game focuses on providing players with five large reels. This is where the action is happening, so it makes sense to make everything as clear as possible. There are lots of clearly-designed icons on those reels too.

The jackpot is worth 10,000 coins

The logo for this game, featuring the eyes of Cleopatra, is used as the highest-paying symbol. If you can line up five of those on a paid line, you can enjoy receiving 10,000 coins for your trouble.

Cleopatra logo is the wild symbol

The highest-paying symbol also acts as a wild. You can use it to replace most other symbols to enhance your chances of winning something. The only one it won’t replace is the sphinx icon.

The Cleopatra slot also features a bonus game

You can secure 15 free spins of these reels if you can find three of the Sphinx icons anywhere on the screen. You are also treated to a 3x multiplier on anything you win during those spins. The exception is the jackpot, but we think you would be too busy celebrating to worry about the lack of a multiplier on that one!

The game is easy to play and simple to understand

Cleopatra doesn’t feature anything you won’t have seen before if you’re a seasoned slot player. However, it is nice to watch and an ideal slot for someone to choose if they haven’t played a five-reel slot before. The controls are easy to use and understand, so you won’t be left wondering what you should be doing.

This game looks good and is always one of the most popular slots when it appears in a casino lobby. Have you found it in one of your favorite casinos? Check out the Cleopatra slot next time you find it online.