Windy Farm Slots

Windy Farm Slots
Do you fancy going to a windy farm to see what’s what? It doesn’t sound too appealing, yet we think you might be delighted to check out who and what awaits you there.

A friendly pig smiles at you and reveals just some of the neat features in the Windy Farm online slot game. But will there be enough to tempt you to play a spin or two in search of some line prizes?

Reels and lines

There are five reels shown against a barn door, and the indicators at the sides of those reels reveal 50 paylines in play.

Coin values

You can play Windy Farm as a penny slot, or crank up the value of each coin to reach a maximum of a quarter each. You can also play a maximum of 10 coins per line.

Windy Farm special icons

The wild chicken appears on the reels and can expand up or down depending on how the wind is blowing! No wind means it expands downwards, but a gusty day that spins the weather vane means it expands upwards. The wild appears on every reel apart from the fifth one, and it will substitute for everything else in the game.

Obviously, the directional wild feature depends on where the wild appears when the reels stop. If it is windy but it has appeared in the top icon, it won’t expand since it has nowhere to go. However, you may see it expand over as many as two spaces if you get lucky.

Are there any bonus features to get blown away by here?

Yes, you can get three or more bulls on the reels – scattered around – and this will win you seven free spins. The wild has a multiplier of 2x whenever it is involved in a win during those free spins.

Stand your ground and download and play the Windy Farm slot today

This game is very appealing, especially the directionally-expanding wild feature. The weather vanes are cool to watch on either side of the reels, and you even get stuff being blown past the reels as the wind blows.

Windy Farm is a gusty place to be, but it is good to know you could potentially benefit whether the wind blows or not. It is certainly an unusual feature in an appealing game, and that means it is worth a try, don’t you think?