Highlander Slots

There can be only one. The ultimate catchphrase is back with a vengeance. Revenge is sweet, and the battle is on. Get out your sword. Aim, and face the fight for eternity and untold riches. This super cool slot captures all the guts and glory of the classic Highlander story. From the Scottish Highlands to the gritty streets of New York, taking on Tibet for good measure. The immortals face each other in battle through the ages until only one remains standing. That ‘one’ will gain more than immortality, but a great casino wins an exceptional gaming experience.

It’s a kind of Magic

The Highlander will face many deadly enemies on his quest for immortality and the top game payout. Highlander offers players five reels and 243 ways to win the game. It’s a kind of magic playing Highlander slot, but it doesn’t take magic to win. The varied coin sizes offer a broad spectrum of wagering options that all players can enjoy Highlander slot. I’ll cater for high-rollers as well as novices. Furthermore, newcomers can take advantage of the practice mode to become familiar with the game flow before wagering real money.

Highlander Characters

You will find loads of characters from the original Highlander, starting with titular hero Connor MacLeod; the immortal swordsman who survived through the ages by beating his adversaries vying for that only eternal life for the last survivor at the end of time. There can be only one, but will it be Connor MacLeod? The Kurgan, his main adversary, is waiting to devastate him first. His female sidekick Brenda Wyatt is here too, which adds a welcome romantic element to the game. Can Connor beat him to the ultimate prize?

Theme: New York 1980’s

Highlander mainly takes place in 1980’s New York and the highlands of Scotland. The game captures the essence of the Highlander theme and 1980’s New York faithfully and accurately. You will almost imagine yourself watching the movie.

Hot Casino Action

Highlander is a casino gambling game at heart, and this fact is never overlooked. The theme is glorious, but it is never allowed to interfere with the gaming action, which comes thick and fast. The game has several typical bonus structures and innovative gaming features that propel the game into classic status. Remaining faithful to the original Highlander story is a testament to the game producer’s creative talents.

Queen’s Magic

The movie soundtrack by British rock group Queen was an integral part of the success of the Highlander film and subsequent sequels and TV series. This beautiful and seminal music is included in the slot to complete the picture.


Expect the unexpected. Expect an action-packed plot with breathtaking scenery and bright graphics. The mobile version of the game makes up the final piece of the jigsaw. The game provides great gambling action and an elegant casino atmosphere, blended with the timeless and classic theme of Highlander. Let yourself be transported to the 1980’s to battle for immortality and the highest game payout. It could be yours, and you could be the ‘one’. Highlander has gained an enormous cult following since its release back in the 1980’s. It inspired a franchise of movies, TV series, books and now this brand new slot: Highlander. There can be only one. Is that ‘one’ going to be you?