Haunted Slots

Haunted Slots has arrived, and nothing will ever be the same again! An inspiring slot despite the straightforward name. You will very likely be spooked out of your wits playing this haunted Slot. With a clear and concise five reels and 23 pay lines, Haunted Slots offers an alternative take on the horror genre.

Wild Coffins & Symbols of Evil

Haunted Slots lives up to its name admirably with innovative, yet scary game symbols. Not for the faint-hearted, the Wild is represented by a Coffin. The Wild starts out as the evil Count Dracula. The icon later transforms into a Coffin. The Dracula symbol could appear on any of the reels to replace all other symbols except the Scatter. Winning combinations are subsequently created adding to your credit/cash balance. The Wild Dracula transforms into a Wild Coffin during winning combinations. All in all, there are (unlucky?) thirteen symbols. Besides Dracula, you will encounter symbols such as; the Hold and Bonus; both of them Scatters. You will also find creepy symbols such as a Graveyard and a Shover for digging graves. Rest assured, you 'will' be scared stiff! With animated symbols, enter Dracula's Castle.

Evil Bonuses: Shovel & Graveyard

Haunted Slots provides lots of chances to win, after all, this is a gambling game. You can bet your last dollar that the bonuses deliver. You could win the highest payout in the process.

Three or more Bonus symbols will activate the Bonus round. If the Hold Scatter appears on the fifth Reel, hold features are enabled on the other four reels, which can be controlled by the player, and will last for 5 Spins.

The Shovel Bonus round is triggered when you get three Shovel symbols on the fifth reel. They are added to a Shovel counter on your screen. Consequently, the bonus round will commence. You can collect up to ten Shovel symbols to be used to get into this bonus round.

The Graveyard Bonus commenced when you have a minimum of three Shovel symbols saved, and three, or more Bonus symbols appear on the screen. When four Shovel Scatters appear, the extra one will be deposited with your saved Shovel Scatters bank, getting all five means the two extra ones are transferred to you. The round involves a set of 10 graves that appear on the screen. You will need to use the Shovel symbol to dig them up in search of cash gifts and prizes. One Shovel is used per grave, and you can also discover Free Spins and extra Shovels in the tombs. Once your Shovels are exhausted, the bonus round ends.

Free Spins

Once the bonus above round ends, the Free Spins start. All the Free Spins you may have collected during the bonus round can now be used. It sounds complicated but is quite straightforward and exciting.

Controlling the Demon Within

To control the game, besides the 5-reels and 23 pay lines, you are given a wide range of betting options. Coin values range from as little as $0.05, rising to $2 per line, which creates a cash range of $1.15 to $46 per spin. This variety of betting options is bound to attract high rollers while keeping novices happy at the same time. Most symbols appear from left to right on the reels, except the Scatters symbols; Hold and Shovel, which only appears on the fifth reel.


Digging up graves, Dracula's castle, horror and evil abound in equal measures playing Haunted. Do not be fooled, besides the glitter and cosmetics of the game, there is an excellent gambling action to be enjoyed. Free Spins, engaging Bonus Rounds, WIld and Scatter features and a supreme, Super optimised Mobile version that brings out the effects of the excellent graphics. All in all, there is nothing more that needs to be added to this game; it's a complete, finished product that's designed to thrill sad excite in equal measures. Taste the blood of Dracula. You will lose your immortal soul but gain physical immortality.