Asgard Slots

Asgard Slots
The Gods of Valhalla always get angry, so beware! Asgard takes you on a virtual journey with a Norse theme, Vikings ahoy, and mythology that has enthralled generations, brought to life vividly with this exceptional, cinematic quality slot game. The graphics and vibrant animations certainly do the Gods justice! You will meet powerful, majestic Norse Gods; Odin, Loki, Frigg, and Thor. The Gods of Valhalla are central characters of the game, and in genuine Viking tradition, you can expect high thrills, action, exciting adventures, danger and a slot experience with unique bonuses, free games, and excellent game features. The betting system is easy to operate, with wide-ranging bets, and a satisfyingly pleasing choice of bet options to suit all. The reign of Viking terror began in the late 700s A.D, and went on until 1100 A.D. Lets check out Asgard slot machine and enter Valhalla!

Betting of the Gods

The betting takes place across 5-reels, with 50 pay lines, and there is just the one coin denomination of $0.10. There is, however, the unique option of placing as many as ten coins on all 50 pay lines. The minimum stake with just one coin, at the lower value, comes to $0.50 a spin. Betting the max coins will set you back $15. If you are betting the maximum coins, the probabilities of winning increase with higher payouts accompanying them! That is undoubtedly something to keep well in mind when you are betting. You can easily set all your bets by using the intuitive and easily located game controls. The buttons are all labelled clearly, and there is a useful AutoPlay feature, where you can set many auto spins while you sit back, relax, and take in the spectacle!

Symbols of Norse Glory

Asgard has an abundance of great gameplay symbols that portray all the renowned Viking characteristics and qualities of bravery! The ninth world is ruled by the four Vikings Gods with their special symbols, which are Frigg, Odin, Thor, and Loki. The Bonus logo symbol is the Scatter and the Valhalla image, and there is also a Wild symbol with WILD written on it. The individually crafted picture icons also include the higher value playing cards, with the numbers 9 and 10, and letters; J, Q, K, and A.

Power and Glory Icons of Asgard

Playing this slot game gives you a taste of the power of the Norse Gods, and the gaming symbols do lend their influence to the theme of the game, flow and the overall atmosphere. Asgard slots reaches those places where all other slots do not dare to venture. The realm of mystical innovation, and creative, fantasy worlds, are perfect for the symbols and you will not find a more intense background as Asgard. The game is an age-old battle between good and evil and for the gift of heaven when you start the wagered action. Aside from the four Vikings Gods, the slot game serves up realistic casino-style gaming symbols including the usual standard high playing card letters, and topics poker numbers including 9, 10, and the letters J, Q, K and A. Asgard slot machine also offers you an impressive Bonus icon, which also serves as a Scatter symbol in the slot game. If you end up to get all three Scatters, you will activate the bonus rounds, and the powerful Valhalla symbol is the most potent of all, the Wild Logo symbol!

Bonuses and Asgard Free Spins

Asgard slot machine offers you a fantastic plethora of exciting bonuses, and there are many great specula gameplay features. It is really quite challenging to know where to begin; however, all the reel action takes place on a mountain top background, with a lush and green landscape. The game’s reels are impressively superimposed on that background, which makes the impressive eye candy. So you can activate the bonus rounds, you have to get at least 3 Scatters on those reels of yours. Once you access the bonus round, you are presented by choice of bonus games, each with its own set of different benefits and special power features. It is up to you to choose your preferred option, and they each have their own set of unique and beneficial particular advantages. If you play the game for long enough, you can try them all out. The Valhalla bonus feature offers you a massive 30 Free Spins, and that super-impressive morphing wins. There is the Thunder God Bonus round, which gifts you up to 25 Free Spins, all with a satisfying mix of win multipliers and Wild symbols. The Goddess Bonus round swerves up 10 Free Spins, and you even get a 3x win multiplier with your wins. The Loki Bonus round gives you some extra Wilds and 20 additional Free Spins. The bonus features are really amazing and your best chance of winning an incredible payout prize!

Valhalla’s Free Spins and Mobile Magic

Asgard’s bonus rounds offer you loads of free spins, all having win multipliers, frequently reappearing Wilds, and multiple re-triggering possibilities. The free spins really do add a final crucial ingredient that compliments all the betting and really adds immense excitement when you win a huge payout. Asgard slots is also a fully optimised, streamlined, and adequately modified version of the slot game for mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android. The slot works superbly on all modern-day tablets and mobile phones, iOS, and Android. Asgard slots machine can quickly and easily be downloaded to your mobile device or PC, and enjoyed with the comfort of Flash-based Instant Play, with minimal waiting and no downloading necessary. Flash games and mobile gaming go together like pepper and salt.


Asgard slot machine has everything to get exciting about. It is full of action, adventure and multiple bonus games that lead to several opportunities to win a high payout. The game theme is a fantastic concoction and original invention, with the fluid betting offering a broad-ranging choice of bets that will interest to all kinds of players. The beauty of Asgard lies in its lucrative bonus games, which are there in abundance and spread the spice and the payout excitement all around. The 50 activate pay lines make up for the somewhat limited coin values, thereby creating a suitably varied and fascinating wagering system, and overall gameplay. Asgard slot machine delivers amazing action on all reels and fronts, with wagering, high-level entertainment, extreme action, special unique features, and multiple high payout potential! Accept the daring challenge, and enter the mythical ninth world of Asgard!