Battle Mania

Battle Mania Slots
Battle Mania is a new kind of game and rather than being a simple slot, you get an immersive Role Playing Game (RPG). As you play the game, you progress through the rounds, advancing onwards to new and fresh challenges. The game gets more and more rewarding as you move along, unlocking bonuses, new features and accessing new worlds and themes. You get to control your own game experience by choosing from 15 different character heroes each having its own unique powers, volatility and winning potential. Playing Battle Mania provides an unparalleled gaming experience which serves up great chances to win a payout prize.

Special Skills & Events Bonuses

Each of the game’s heroes has their own unique special skills, which combine with the team to defeat the common enemy. There are no less than five distinct bonus features you access when hopping from one magical island to another. Battle Mania is also one of a kind as there are special bonus events that open every twelve hours allowing only 20 games. If you get into one of these events you are given a 25% bonus added to all your wins with a maximum prize of 1,000 times your triggering wager!

Battles Rounds

Battle Mania serves up a great collection of themes and rounds, each with its own challenge. There is the Free Battles Desert round where you are given 5 free battles upon access, and a prize chest is also given out with each battle. The Lava Stones Pick Volcano round gives you the opportunity of picking as many lava stones as you can manage out of the 12 possibilities. Each one you choose will reveal a cash prize beneath. Once you discover a multiplier, all your rewards are boosted by the multiplier rate you find. The Event Treasure adds an extra 25% to all your winning payouts with an ultimate prize of 1,000x your triggering stake. The Boss Fight Forest round is next. The dragon attacks and you will need to team up with the other heroes in order to defeat the fearsome, fire-breathing dragon to win the round. The Villains’ Wave Swamp round offers you a crossbow to use and beat all the enemy waves that are thrown at you. Each wave of attack you defend successfully increasingly multiply your prizes. You can use just 15 arrows to in each wave until you progress to the next round.

Playing Battle Mania

The game is classed as a video slot machine; however, the gameplay is notably different. You have to fight hard for any wins within an incredible fantasy battle using your skills. The game is action-packed, adventurous and thoroughly fun to play from start to finish. Battle Mania is a fusion of different slot machine styles. The game serves up some great winning prizes, with the payouts increasing as you access more and more rounds. The game is essentially an epic adventure game with five different RPG characters taking part in the action. The game is a staple at land casinos everywhere, and this brilliant online version takes the game one step further.

Battle Wagering

Battle Mania has an extremely flexible betting set up with a wide range of betting options. There are two betting formats, low and high bets with payouts from 20 coins, up to 3,940 coins. The 5×3 grid can down an enemy monster with each spin, and the more your defeat, the better your coin tally. When you destroy your enemies, you take over their treasures thereby improving your winnings. The battles and betting are controlled by the unique buttons on the screen. You can customise the gameplay and easily set your bets.


Microgaming has crafted an innovative and original slot experience heavily themed on fantasy and action. You get to fight enemy monsters and visit new worlds. The high payouts add even more excitement, and you can play on your mobile device wherever you are. The mobile version of Battle Mania works brilliantly on all modern tablets, and smartphones delivering a seamless and satisfying mobile experience, and it is compatible with all the latest operating systems. Try out a completely fresh and new gaming experience with high win potential and immersive yourself on this wonderful game called Battle Mania.