Magic Journey Slots

This game is one of the latest iterations of the monkey theme, or rather the monkey king. Both are technically true, which this game makes clear throughout the zany art style and wide variety of characters on display. Although the gameplay itself is nothing to write home about at only three reels total, it is definitely a game that is going to leave a visual impact on you, and that you won’t forget!

Wildly Inventive Art

One thing that immediately sets this game apart as we have said is just how weird the character designs are. The legend of the monkey king from Asian culture definitely has a lot of colorful characters to it, but not so colorful as this. They have the usual go cool looking monkey king that you would probably expect, but everything else is seemingly taken out of a storybook. There are princesses, pigs, and all kinds of other things that all look perfectly capable of kicking your ass with their fists. The color palette ranges as wide as the rainbow, and we wouldn’t doubt if it goes even further! We’ve never really seen so colorful of a game.

Can the Monkey Play?

The gameplay itself is about the most standard you were going to come across. Pragmatic play titles are meant to be that way, going back to the roots of the slot machine world and trying to keep things simple. The only bonus round to speak of is the respin feature, and there are no jackpots to speak of. All you can really do is hope to win big with your maximum bet for $40, and betting from a penny up to $.50.

This game is fairly new, which is part of the reason that it has such a high level of polish. The variance here is very high. There are eight images in total, and the most coins you can win max out at 40,000. They return to player is the usual standard of around 96%. Although the 3 x 3 layout may look like a boring proposition, there are some slight tweaks they made to it with the characters appearing on the bottom depending on what you have matched. It’s still at its heart a very classic slot machine game, however, which leads to its charm.

The only thing we would really change about this game is making it a little less pragmatic. We know that goes against somebody at the point of the software platform, but we really would enjoy a progressive jackpot, and a few more reels. There are certainly enough characters here to fill out every single real. If they have thrown in some other things, they easily could’ve made it work.

Long Live and Fly, Monkey King!

This is a game that is definitely going to linger in your memory for just how fun and inventive it looks. Everything here is taken out of someone’s imagination, based on the old monkey king story, which is then take a new directions we’ve never quite seen. If you are looking for a very colorful cast, and a very simple style of gameplay, you have found the right slot. Pragmatic play titles are known for their simplicity, which this one fits to a T. If you are OK for going a progressive jackpot, I am love the way the art style looks, feel free to be addicted for quite some time, as this is one of the better games on the market! It also provides a very different take on the Journey to the West than we’ve seen in most any medium.