Bewitched Slots

If you like Halloween and a children’s book art style, this game is for you! Having somewhat of a hocus-pocus look to it, and being very quick when it comes to gameplay, this is a hard title to fit into any one particular genre. On the one hand, the art style seems primarily intended to appeal the children and people that like raves. I’ll be other hand, the gameplay probably isn’t beefy enough to keep any of those people occupied. There also aren’t any big jackpots to speak of, making this an auto fair for a game that’s the end after magic!

How Many Reels?

For starters, there are five reels here, being the normal standard. This is it going to impress anybody, certainly not the audience this game seems to be catering to. We’re not even sure why a kiddie looking style like this would be themed after Halloween, as kids are going to be playing these games we would hope! There are only 15 lines you can bet on, which somewhat limits the winnings here as well. There are many things to match, all basically being spooky things that have to do with Halloween, such as witches, frogs, books, and shoes. The slippers themselves are a nice touch, although we think they somewhat mixed up the Wizard of Oz groups reference in ways that were not quite sure what to do with.

The multipliers here are the only real innovative feature, ranging all over the board. They start off at two and go all the way up to 1000. You can also get some free spins, between two and 60 depending on whether you match the scatters and how many of them. There is a Merlin bonus around here that is somewhat interesting, but isn’t anything that’s going to hold your interest. The addition of a progressive jackpot is nice, which goes alongside your maximum win being 30,000 times you’re about. The witch battle feature is also a nice touch.

Fun Bonus Rounds

Speaking specifically of the Barland bonus feature, the prize here is at most 60 free spins. You can also get a progressive jackpot here if you’re lucky! Merlin himself is making a bunch of potions, and your task of a bonus game is to pick three different ingredients each inside of their own chemical looking bottles. This is some of like a do it yourself version of potion making, and is a nice touch given the Halloween theme. You can also play double or nothing here, and in this case called double or quit gambling. You will be asked to choose a red or black card, and whether or not you got it right will determine whether your winnings go up or taken away!

Fun if you Love the Genre

If you can get past the slightly odd theme and the somewhat miss placed art style, we do think the gameplay sure holds up quite well. We just wish that it had an art style that conveys how complex it could really be. Whether you’re looking for progressive jackpot, I have a fairly nifty bonus round, or other things that elevate this above the realm of a standard slot machine game, you definitely wouldn’t know that they were here based on looking at the game. This is a fairly new game, and we hope maybe they can change some of this in the future. For an hour, however, it still is pretty fun, and if Halloween is your favorite holiday, this may be your new favorite game!