Super Sweets Slots

This is an online slot machine game powered by BetSoft that looks like it’s made of candy. What more can you ask for? For starters, a nice jackpot, being able to bet in any amount that you would like, and a whole bunch of bonus rounds. There are probably more bonus round here that we’ve seen anywhere else in our entire slot career! It also looks good enough to eat. If there’s a better game out there, we rarely play it, and recommend this one to anyone, even diabetics.

How’s it Play?

Like most BetSoft gaming titles, you can play this one across five reels of three images each. This makes the number of things you can match not all that high, and the number of lives you can bet on is only around 10. The most you can win a bet is around 400 times that particular bet, which does limit the winnings, if not for some other fun features. The bonus rounds in particular are numerous, each of which gives you very things, just like the candy that the game is themed after.

One thing you can definitely guess is going to appear in the bonus rounds are free spins. These are the only things on offer here, however! You can also enjoy some impressive multipliers, additional winnings, and good old-fashioned fun because it takes away the monotony of simply spinning again and again.

How’s it Look?

This is definitely one of the better games out there in terms of how it looks, each and every image looking like it was ripped from a candy shelf itself.

The caramel from the chocolate squares looks so good that we almost feel like it’s dripping down into our mouth as we write this review! The entire thing takes place on top of a candy conveyor belt to, which makes it all look pretty neat in practice. When you see all the little candies moving around and shooting by, you tend to get a smile on your face just because of how visually appealing it is. Anytime you match some of them, they will be put into a nice little box with polkadots and a bow on it. These little details that you know that the developers really cared, and you start to look out for them after a while to see where they pop up. You also have a running tally of your winnings, which makes it feel like you’re making progress.

No Need to Register!

It should also be said that you can play this game without registering, although that will illuminate your winnings. The instant play feature here lets you start the fun immediately, without putting down a single penny. If you were to put down a penny, however, that is the minimum bet, which goes all the way up to a dollar. This makes the maximum bet given the lines you can bet on fairly low at around 10. That doesn’t stop the game for being fun, however, by how tame it is.

Highly Recommended Game

There aren’t that many candy themed games out there, and certainly not many that actually look good and tasty. This game manages to accomplish that in spades, giving you a large list of bonus rounds to enjoy, which are just as eclectic as the chocolates on parade. If you’re looking for a low risk game by Betsoft that’s a lot of fun, sink your teeth into this one now! It’s the only way to enjoy candy and get paid for it without breaking your diet and feeling guilty.