Money Mouse Slots

This is a game in a line of an endless number of them that have tried to take the Chinese new year into colorful and fun directions. Unlike many others, however, this one takes more of a whimsical tone, being fun and friendly despite it being the year of the rat! If you are a fan of Chinese themed games and colorful animations, this is among the most Chinese and colorful you will find!

Painfully Bright

The first thing you’ll notice when playing this game is that it is so bright and cheery that it’s almost painful! There are actually so many smiling animations going on at one time that it slowed down our computer. It’s almost as if there were too much happiness on one screen at once, which is amusing on its face. Still, everything has an upbeat feel to it that most games now ignore, which makes it stand out among the many other games of this kind.

Being a pragmatic play title, there are more bells and whistle‘s then you would anticipate given the name they chose for themselves! Although it is a typical five reel game and a number of lines only goes to 25, there are enough bonuses and jackpots going on that you would hardly notice. In addition to the usual free spins feature that you would expect, they also have a money respin feature, which works in much the same way, only without winnings! You can also bet at just a penny all the way up to $.50, putting the maximum bet at $125.

Jackpots for Days

Our favorite part of this game, although we do love the art style, is actually the progressive jackpots. The jackpots here aren’t as high as you would find in some other games, but there are three of them in total. The minor jackpot multiplies your winnings by 30. The major jackpot multiplies your winnings by 100. And the grand jackpot, the biggest of them all, multiply them by 1000! If you bet $125, if you do the math, that’s a lot of money! Although this definitely isn’t their highest paying slot, it’s still a pretty good value for what you get, and the accessibility of being able to start off with small betting amounts.

Like all the other games at this time, most of what you can match or different things taken from Chinese culture. They’re all vaguely cultural looking and made up anyways, but still look good despite that. We won’t even bother going into what the different symbols are because we don’t think words will do them justice or explain what they look like. You would never guess that one of the symbols is a bunch of firecrackers, for example, and calling something a dragon isn’t going to prepare you for the smiling face that’s actually going to show up in front of you!

What We’d Change

If there was something that we would change about this game, it would actually be the number of special effects going on at once. Because the mouse in particular is very labor-intensive on your browser, having him appear more than once when you match actually slows things down to a crawl. With the fireworks going on in the background on top of that, it makes for a slow time every once in a while.

Great and Timely Asian Slot

Still, despite all of that, this is a fun and worthwhile game. Do you want regret playing it, you won’t regret putting down any money on it, and you certainly won’t regret all the money you’re going to be winning when you play this money field game!