Da Vinci’s Treasure Slots

We are not sure why Leonardo da Vinci keeps being featured in so many different things that have to do with action movies, winning money, and all manner of related things. We do like Leonardo da Vinci, however, so we can sympathize with why he has been included! This game actually features another hunting after him for his lost treasure, which is also another thing we’re not quite sure is very accurate, but here we are! This is sort of like an Indiana Jones version of the da Vinci code, which come to think of it, actually would be pretty amazing!

The graphics here are absolutely top-notch, each looking professionally illustrated and plucked almost as if from the concept art of a feature film. The reel images of course are also very animated themselves, conveying quite a bit of character that will keep you very interested. It makes for a very vibrant looking game that is a far cry from the static ones that you would usually see around the Internet! This makes the time you spend feel very energized, and will likely suck you in for longer than you otherwise would have played. It is a sneaky move on the part of the developers to keep you glued do your screen, but since it’s fun, we don’t mind!

Seeing all of the story play out through the bonus images, the wonderful artwork, and with all of the other things we like about this game, this one earns our recommendation. It has multipliers that can go up to 48,000 times any bet that you make, and coins that can pay out up to 12,000 each! If that’s not enough to wet your whistle, and the wonderful artwork isn’t going to entice you, then we’re not really quite sure what else we can say about this game that will cause you to fall in love.

The Main Theme Tying the Game Together

This game is an adventure, even featuring a map itself! Featuring the wonderful John Hunter, who is a stand-in for Indiana Jones in ways that are so obvious that we laughed the first time we saw him, you are chasing after him trying to find some kind of lost treasure that he left behind for reasons unknown. We are entirely unsure why someone like him would do something like that, but everybody seems to really like this theme based on how successful it is at the box office, so we can see why they picked him! If you like something like the Da Vinci Code, and are a Steven Spielberg fan, then this game is right up your alley, and even has a narrative to go with it!

Things We Liked the Most

The thing we liked the most about this game definitely has to be the artwork. We certainly are fans of the game play, but the narrative and the wonderful art really does bring it all together for us. We still smile anytime we see one of the da Vinci paintings laying out in one of the rooms, or the lead character John Hunter lifting up his hat to give you a nice little nod! Our second favorite part about the game though does go back to the game play itself. It has a decent maximum betting amount, and the coin sizes vary just in the way that we like them. Octopus gaming’s pragmatic play software has some wonderful features to it that you will enjoy here, and these are just some of the minor ones that we can think of!

Things We Didn’t Much Care For

Although we did mostly like this game and found it quite endearing, one of the things that we did not like about it definitely has to be the lack of compelling progressive jackpots. We think these are almost mandatory for any game, so the fact that they are not here is somewhat of a disappointment. That didn’t stop us from playing, and the multipliers and free spins certainly help, but let it be said, jackpot fans will be left wanting!

The Overall Presentation in the Game

This game was professionally done in every single way, right down to the images that appear between the times you will be playing. It is so bright and colorful that you can be forgiven for thinking that this was a normal video game that you might play on a game console! The colors are rich and vibrant, the shadows have a nice level of saturation to them, and it has a very storybook feel to it that is perfectly suited to the theme.

How the Core Gameplay of This One Holds Up

As we said, we do miss the progressive jackpots here, but overall, this game plays very well. Like we said, you can win up to 48,000 times any bet that you can make, the bets start for as little as a penny, and you can enjoy the usual number of reels and pay lines that you will find in almost any other game around here.

Our Experience When We Played It

We don’t say this is how it will go for you, but we actually did pretty well while we played it! Although there were no jackpots, we actually won about eight out of ten of the spins that we would make!

Our Verdict on Whether or Not Da Vinci’s Treasure Slots is Worth Your Time

We played Da Vinci’s Treasure Slots a bunch, and overall, we feel that this is a great story book adventure game for fans of the Italian Renaissance, and of course, Indiana Jones. If you love wonderful artwork and fast game play, this one is surely for you!