Leprechaun Song Slots

As we have made it known around here before, we are not the biggest fan of leprechauns. They're short, scary, and in our eyes, rather creepy! Even with that firmly in the back of our minds as we play this game, however, we did have a pretty good time, which is as high of a compliment as we can really pay it! All of the imagery as well done, the graphics are well chosen, and the gameplay is fast and furious like the other ones in the series. We feel strange saying this is a series, but it is clearly well liked enough to warrant many sequels!

If that wasn't enough to sell you on this game, it also offers all of the other usual features that you will find in pragmatic play titles by octopus gaming. In this case, there are the standard number of reels and pay lines, and all kinds of interesting bonus features that you will not find anywhere else. These include giant symbols that occupy more than one reel, and bonus modes that are more than the sum of their parts. There is also a free spins game that will have you winning multipliers alongside it, which is wonderful!

This is a very surprising game in that way. There is a lot going on with it, and far more than meets the eye when you initially look at it. It will not take long for you to fall in love with it, and even the title character will somewhat grow on you if you are people that are not us. We have to admit that we don't like him in any of the games that we see, but we also still managed to enjoy this game, and he didn't get in our way all that much in this outing. If even people like us that don't like this sort of thing can have a good time with this one, that's a ringing endorsement in our book!

The Main Theme Tying the Game Together

This game is all about leprechauns, taking the traditional route with that theme. It has everything associated with the culture, such as smoking, playing music, and drinking nice ale. This is alongside the wonderful rainbows and gold, rounding out the last of the tropes that you will see about the genre. There are other games in the series which take a more playful look at the theme, this being the most traditional of them, and playing it very safe. That doesn't mean it's bad, just very expected based on the theme!

Things We Liked the Most

What we like most about this game are the lush, well painted green and golden graphics that you will see everywhere. They really did capture a nice tone to everything that makes it feel very welcoming, and we feel right at home when we look at it. It has an almost Lord of the Rings sort of vibe to it that makes you want to go adventuring and see a very nice wooded area! Aside from that and we really liked the giant symbols that they have. We don't see that very often, and it feels authentically innovative in a genre that is mostly the same.

Things We Didn't Much Care For

The thing that held this game back for us the most definitely is the lead character. He looks a lot better in this one that he does in some of the other games in the series, but he still looks somewhat creepy to us. Maybe it's the hair, the beard, and how it all looks like little tiny horns coming out of his face. We're not entirely sure, but we don't like it! It's all in his face.

The Overall Presentation in the Game

This game is one of the better ones on the market. The production values are through the roof, and everything looks good enough to appear in a children's book. This may actually be from a children's book for all we know, the graphics really are that great! They put a substantial effort into them, and should be commended for them, even if we don't like the lead character all that much.

How the Core Gameplay of This One Holds Up

This game place just as well as all the others featuring the software, offering some truly novel bonus modes, and lots of chances to win. The free spins are very welcome, and the coin sizes are also very accessible. There aren't any thing in the way of nice progressive jackpots, but that's our biggest complaint!

Our Experience When We Played It

We had a pretty decent time, initially put off by the way the main character looks, but pushing through for quite a few spins. We ended up breaking even when we did, but we had more fun here than we do with most games of this kind. We'll be more than happy to play it again for that reason, as it is authentically fun, whereas most games feel like a trudge just to get to the jackpot!

Our Verdict on Whether or Not Leprechaun Song Slots is Worth Your Time

We played Leprechaun Song Slots a bunch, and overall, we feel that it is a nice game with a unique theme and even more unique play features that you don't see too often. We love the giant reel's, the nice green and lush artwork, and it all comes together very well around the color green. We again do not like the main character, and think if they had just changed the way his face looks to be a little more inviting, we would have loved this one a little more. We still recommend it, however, and you should play it right now!